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UAE Launches Project To Develop Emirates Villages 



UAE Launches Project To Develop Emirates Villages 

The UAE has witnessed tremendous development since its formation. The reason behind the rapid development is its utilization of energy sources.UAE has made strenuous efforts to diversify at its best level using the maximum resources it found. Here, the UAE announced a new plan that will have a huge impact on the tourism sector.

The UAE has launched an AED1bn project aimed at the development of emirate villages. They expect this project will drive the tourism and economy sector in 10 villages across the UAE.

UAE’s Emirates Village Plan

In order to advance sustainable developments in the private sector of the UAE, the emirates Village project has planned to launch 500 economic initiatives for Emirati youth. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Member of the Abu Dhabi Executive council and Chairman of the Emirates Council for Balanced Development said that the “Emirates Villages” project will bring out a new dimension to the development of the federation.

It aims to achieve the ambitious vision of the UAE leadership. This sustainable development model accommodates all regions across the country while utilizing the capabilities and natural resources of each region.

UAE's Emirates Village Plan


Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed states that the Emirates Council for Balanced Development seeks to achieve sustainable development for all regions through a unique development model which is based on partnerships between the government, private sector and local communities.

Its aim is to create a micro-economy in 10 villages, ensure the involvement of local communities, and advance the sustainable development model by magnifying collaboration between federal and local governments. During the annual meetings of the UAE government held in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Theyab reviewed the strategy of the project and its targets. 

The project was announced in the presence of Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. They said that the project will develop Emirati villages from economic as well as touristic standpoints.

An official statement said that the project aims to develop five developmental tracks. Rebounding the UAE economy after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the UAE government decided to undertake a new project that will promote social stability and well-being. 

The latest report of the International Monetary fund shows the UAE economy is growing by more than 6 pc this year, after expanding by 3.8pc in 2021. The economy strengthened by a rebound in tourism, construction and activities related to the expo held in 2020 at Dubai.

The UAE has the greatest strength of the economy in the world. The tradition of welcoming businesses and the way they are launching their new projects are indispensable.

The main reason for this highest economy is the revenue from petroleum and natural gas. In addition to being an important supplier of energy, the UAE holds the top position in the field of consumer energy. 

Every new project is initiated by the UAE for the sustainable development of both the government and private sector. Because they believe the collaboration and involvement of both sectors can maintain the economy of UAE at its best level. So the unveiling of this new project will change the total scenario of tourism and highly influence the economy of the UAE.

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