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UAE: Medical Evacuation Of injured Emiratis From southern Türkiye



UAE Medical Evacuation Of injured Emiratis From southern Türkiye

As part of the rescue efforts of the UAE in Turkey, three Emirati citizens were evacuated from the earthquake-affected area of Turkey and returned to their homes in the UAE. The rescue operation known as Operation Gallant Knight 2, has been part of the humanitarian efforts of the UAE administration in providing rescue, relief, and assistance to the affected areas in Turkey and Syria.  

The evacuation was done by the joint efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) and the Ministry of Defence. The Emiratis were moderately injured during the earthquake that struck the southern part of Turkey during the early hours of Monday morning. 

The ministry also released an official statement warning the UAE citizens staying in the affected nations to take the necessary precautions and to stay away from the affected areas. MoFAIC also urged Emirati citizens to inform emergency medical or rescue cases to the emergency number of the ministry 0097180024 and they have to also register under the Twajudi service offered by the ministry. 

Around 17,000 people died in Syria and Turkey

Several teams of rescue workers rushed to the area and started rescue efforts on Monday. They were able to save a lot of people from under the concrete rubble and destroyed buildings. The climate was also hostile as the winter was bringing in cold winds that were making the rescue process harder. 

Medical Evacuation Of injured Emiratis

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) had also started its relief efforts in the regions affected by the high-magnitude earthquake.

They have started distributing food baskets to those affected. Karine Ataye, private partnerships lead for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) at WFP said that the food has been shipped and all the volunteering team is on the field ready.

WFP is the largest humanitarian organization in the world that has a huge hand in saving lives and providing emergency relief and assistance for affected areas around the world. They have been headquartered in Dubai since 2001 and they have a huge warehouse in the UAE which helps them to store and distribute necessary food assistance without hassle. 

After the earthquake, a lot of people have been left stranded without homes in regions of Syria and Southern Turkey. The world communities are running to their aid and a lot of help is pouring in from different corners of the world both as financial and material relief.

The UAE was one of the first nations to jump in and participate in rescue and relief operations. The Emirate nation has also set up field hospitals to take care of the immediate medical needs of the victims. 

As part of the relief efforts, major humanitarian organizations have asked people to donate generously through various methods. The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) will be starting to collect donations in cash and in-kind from February 12 onwards.

The donation drive will be on for two weeks and anybody can contribute. The ERC has also called for volunteers who can help out in the relief efforts. There will be different teams and these teams will start packing the necessary relief items for the earthquake victims from February 11, 9 a.m. to 2 pm at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center and at the Dubai Exhibition Center located at Expo City Dubai.

The Turkish Embassy in Abu Dhabi has also started its relief collection drive. The residents of Abu Dhabi and other UAE areas can drop off their contributions at Turkey’s Embassies area in Abu Dhabi. Those who wish to contribute a huge quantity of stuff can head to the CSS Homeward Bound transportation company warehouse and drop off the contributions there.

You can also check out their website as they have released a list of necessary items that are currently needed for the earthquake victims.

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The Turkish Red Crescent also launched its relief efforts soon after the earthquake. People who are interested in contributing through the Turkish Red Crescent can visit the official website or International donors can contact them at 0090 216 168 1122. 

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been making considerable efforts to address the issues of families and children who have been impacted by the earthquake. They have launched a donation drive through their website where donors can customize their donation amount among other options.

The US-based Save The Children foundation, the International Bue Crescent (IBC), Syrian American Medical Society Foundation, Plan International, UNHCR, etc. are other humanitarian and charity organizations that have started their own donations and relief efforts to help out the Syrian and Turkish communities who were affected in the earthquake. Multiple nations and their governments are also providing their own relief services to the affected nations to help them overcome the period of great crisis. 

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