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UAE Ministry Of Human Resources Bans Fake Job Advertisements



UAE Ministry Of Human Resources Bans Fake Job Advertisements

In an effort to curb the spread of fake job advertisements on social media platforms, the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has given out strict guidelines to companies for publishing job-related advertisements. The Ministry has warned companies not to refer to any of the government’s Emiratisation policies or benefits when they are advertising for Emiratisation jobs. If they are publishing these details then they will have to take prior permission from the Ministry.  

MoHRE released an official statement

The MoHRE released an official statement that Emiratisation would require carefully thought-out regulations that need to be implemented in all aspects. The Ministry also said that there have been some violations of certain rules and regulations and they are actively looking into it. In the future also, it will be made sure that the companies follow these rules that will help in creating a proper structure for Emiratisation.


Under this, an ideal workplace should be set up for the Emirati to work, and also necessary on-the-job training must be imparted with all the required tools. Owners of businesses are also not allowed to reduce any amount from the salary of the Emiratis under the pretext of benefits received from the government’s assistance program.

The Ministry would be providing a work permit for Emiratis and this would enable them to get a job under an employer with a signed contract. The salaries should also be paid according to these regulations. The employers are also directed by the Ministry to register the Emirati employees under the monthly pension and social security contribution.

The registration should be done within a month from the date of issuance of the work permit from the Ministry. The work permit should also be canceled when the contract period ends and this should be done so that all the benefits from the Nafis program shall be withdrawn once the contract ends. 

These rules and regulations were made under Ministerial Resolution No.663 of 2022 and they are meant to guarantee a balanced workplace atmosphere for both the employer and employee.

The Ministry also defines the context under which fake Emiratisation takes place. In simple terms, it is the nature of employment that is procured by submitting fake work permits and employing the person in a circumstance which doesn’t actually relate to the work mentioned in the permit. Through this method, the individual obtains unlawful benefits and incentives under government policies. 

The resolution also defines the nature of the employer who violates the rules of the Ministry. Companies that do not follow the proper channels for employment and accept benefits and incentives that are meant for companies that employ Emiratis lawfully.

The Emirati and the employer would be held accountable if such violations are found to be true. The MoHRe has already initiated investigations to look into such violations. The officials had also warned people to take special care about fake job employment notifications floating around on social media. 

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One of the main drawbacks of these fake advertisements is that they attract an unskilled and incompetent labor force that will pull the economy backward. The UAE administration is aiming for a global level expansion and it expects the same quality from its workforce too.

The Emiratisation drive is part of creating a local workforce that can aid in the development of the  UAE economy and project itself as an able talent pool that can deliver talented and high-quality skills.

Also, by expanding the presence of the Emirati employee population, the government and private companies are taking the UAE economy to a truly global scale with both expats and local residents contributing to the total social and economical structure. So this decision should be backed by a very crucial and future-proof choice of appointing Emiratis who can keep up with the global workforce.     

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