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UAE: New Payment Tech In Carrefour Allows Shoppers To Pay With Their Faces



UAE New Payment Tech In Carrefour Allows Shoppers To Pay With Their Faces

One of the largest retail chains in the UAE, Carrefour has introduced a new payment concept that allows shoppers to pay for their shopping using their faces. This new system has been implemented in selected stores all over the country and is being called one of the major steps in the retail technology Industry. 

Carrefour and Network International have collaborated to launch this new system called Face pay face verification platform consumers by utilizing the PopID an authentication service provider. 

Dubai Shops also launched a Facepay

Majid Al Futtaim-owned Carrefour stores in Amsaf and Deira have introduced biometric payment systems using facial recognition, making them the first in Dubai to adopt advanced technology for shoppers.

Dubai Shops also launched a Facepay

Chief Operating Office Bernardo Perloiro, Chief Operating Offer has commended Carrefour to be at forefront of the innovation by introducing new technologies in the retail industry to eliminate friction and improve the customer experience.

Customers can avail of this service through the Carrefour website or the app and the technology would be powered by Network International and Pop Id for mass adoption all over the UAE. this new payment system is going to improvise the customer experience and eliminate friction during the checkout process.

Soon after shoppers have collected the daily essentials and food at select Carrefour stores, they can simply smile at the facial recognition device during the checkout and take their items away. This eradicates the need for any other payment devices, cards, or money.

Group Managing Director,  Andrew Key ( Network international) recently made an announcement to launch the pioneering technology in the UAE to drive the evolution of biometric payments discussed above by collaborating with PopID.

Network International, one of the leading payment solutions in the UAE is the first one to launch FacePay-enabled biometric acceptance in the UAE.

The company’s track record of leading innovations and its commitment to invest in strategic partnerships would bring a new revolution in the retail Industry. 

Coming to PopId, Pop Id, a technology company based in the US has developed facial recognition technology that would power the face pay platform. CEO of pop ID, John Miller found that the implementation of Facepay in America and Japan has led to an increase in revenue, improved speed of checkout and ordering, reduced fraud, and enhanced loyalty engagement.

Miller is quite excited about the partnership between Network International and Carrefour to bring innovation to the grocery stores of UAE for the very first time.

As per the spokesperson, the main goal of launching Facepay is to offer customers a quick, efficient, and seamless checkout process. The face verification platform is designed in such a way that it eliminates friction, minimizes wait time, and offers a superior customer experience. By introducing this system, customers would not need to worry much about carrying wallets, cash, or anything. They can simply do the payments with their face.

One of the significances of this system is that it utilizes robust security protocols that are intended to protect consumers and businesses from any potential fraud. By offering facial recognition for the transactions, the platform has added an extra layer of security making it quite difficult for the fraudster to engage in any sort of criminal activity.

Overall the introduction of the Facepay platform is one of the major milestones promised to revolutionize the payment Industry in the UAE.

Its emphasis on security, efficiency, and customer experience would make to revolutionize the way people pay and shop for services and goods. partnering with Network International and PopID, it is clear that UAE has a bright future in payments. 

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Further, this move would make a significant shift in the retail Industry. As per the MENA Fintech Association, more than 3/4th of transactions in the Middle East are expected to be cashless in upcoming years. The UAE’s Sift away from the cahs-based system is also been included as the case study in the MasterCard report.

They have ranked UAE among the top countries that are rapidly moving away from cash. This report has also pointed out that in the last decade, consumers have already made a substantial shift away from cash to debit cards. The introduction of Biometric payments would make UAE the a cashless Economy.

Right now biometric payment terminals are added to only a few stores. Once the pilot program is completed the terminals would be rolled out all over the country.

Talking about a generic Roadmap for mass adoption of technology, the UAE aims to be the most digitized economy in the Mena region.

They have been investing billions of dollars in adopting deep technologies in various industries. FacePay is just one of the examples of making the economy completely cashless. This Facepay feature would be quite seamless, quick, and convenient resulting in the best customer experience.

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