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UAE: Pakistan Issues Travel Warning, All Passengers Must Comply



UAE Pakistan Issues Travel Warning, All Passengers Must Comply

In a recent announcement, the Pakistan Embassy of the UAE has declared its intention to change the existing rules. Accordingly, the new rules are meant to prevent the stay of Pakistani Nationals in Dubai beyond the validity of their visa.

The people from Pakistan have been requested to carry valid passports and documents from a smooth stay in the Country. Any violation by any person is likely to be met with strict action.

This news has been reconfirmed after the concerned authorities shared the required notification on Twitter.

The Requirement had become necessary and enjoys the sanction of the Crown

The notification is not limited to covering the people arriving from Pakistan. It goes ahead to cover the Pakistani people who are traveling from the Country of the UAE to any other place. The legalities and the procedural requirements have to be compiled.

The Requirement had become necessary and enjoys the sanction of the Crown

Fines and penalties would definitely follow and no relaxations are likely to be offered by law. The government has decided to enforce these actions with immediate effect after the incidence of violations by Pakistani nationals increased beyond the permissible limit.

According to a recent Tweet, a senior official has expressed satisfaction over the sufficiency of the measure.

The Government of UAE has always been after the enforcement of law and order within the territory. It has gained the goodwill and a reputation for maintaining a perfect balance of law and order within the state. Everybody is equal in the eyes of law, and the law of UAE is a perfect execution of reasonable and non-arbitrary decisions.

The Government has been witnessing a rise in the number of violations, especially in the instance of People travelling from Pakistan. Many times, they did not have a valid visa and in other situations, they used to stay in Dubai beyond the permissible time. 

Recent statistics revealed a 16.85% hike in the contribution of the Pakistani people to commit irregular errors or breach the mandate of law while travelling itself.

It has been reported that people travel to UAE for meeting their families, and friends or simply to spend vacations. Over the years, the population of Pakistanis living in UAE has surpassed 600,000 and this has been confirmed by Mr. Sajid Hussai Turi who is the Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistani and Human Resource Development.

Therefore, government officials expect to welcome them with warm hands the Pakistan Nationals but definitely not at the cost of the mandate of their own law.

People who once entered the UAE on a visa, continue staying there without renewal. In addition, most of them have an issue with the authenticity of their visas and passwords at the time of their arrival in the UAE. In order to combat these deviations, many initiatives have been put into action by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai so far.

They have launched their own awareness campaign in the city of Deira in order to help people with any sort of visa-related query. In fact, immigration officials have always been there to guide the citizens by explaining to them the entire procedure.

Despite all these efforts, the violations at the instance of the Pakistani Nationals were not combated. That is why it became imperative for the officials to put these stringent rules into action.

These rules have been announced just a month before the launch of the second phase of the awareness campaign held by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai. Advisories have been issued to all the officials in the immigration department to impose strict fines and penalties for the violation of the law.

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The country of UAE had also expressed its concern at the mounting international pressure. The neighboring countries have been constantly complaining about the Pakistani people who fly from Dubai. Most of these Pakistani men and women either travel without a visa or travel on an unexpired visa.

As a country of high repute, it was against its very policy of Dubai to nip the situation in the bud itself through the enforcement of strict actions. The officials of the UAE have expressed satisfaction with the sufficiency of the measures. They certainly hope that these actions will deter the Pakistani nationals from committing any further violation. 

The validity of the rules cannot be doubted as they have been issued under the assent of the Royal Crown and have been published in the official record. The rules are already in action and now it is for the people of Pakistan to mend their ways or end up suffering the stringency of the measures. One of the measures suggested the complete expulsion from the nation. They are definitely welcoming in order to curb the existing menace.

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