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UAE Participates In Signing Ceremony Of Regional Framework For Arab States (2023 – 2028)



UAE Participates In Signing Ceremony Of Regional Framework For Arab States (2023 – 2028)

A Regional Framework for Arab States has been signed and executed for a period of five years from 2023 to 2028. The agreement has been signed between the League of Arab states and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

The framework has been titled Arab Plan for Prevention and Reduction of the Dangers of Drugs to Arab Society: Towards Effective Handling of the Issue from a Social Perspective.

The aim of this program is to mitigate the consumption of drugs among the youth so as to safeguard the future of Arabic countries.

The signing event took place at the LAS headquarters and was presided by H.E. Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, who is the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States. 

Regional Framework for the Arab States is an important event for reinforcing the unity and integrity of Arab nations

The UAE ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mariam Al Kaabi, represented the UAE in the ceremony.

Mariam is also the Permanent Representative of the UAE to the Arab League.

The ceremony was very pivotal in Consolidating the individual efforts of the Middle Eastern countries in order to reduce the incidence of drugs from these countries. This is one of the serious issues which Arabic countries are struggling with for the time being. 

Regional Framework for the Arab States is an important event for reinforcing the unity and integrity of Arab nations

This ceremony was organized this Sunday. It was attended by various dignitaries such as Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al-Misned who is the Qatari Minister of Social Development and Family and Ghada Waly, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations.

In addition, leaders such as Abdul Wasabi who is the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime also marked their presence at the event.

This participation clearly depicts the relevance of the event for all Arab nations. 

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States began the event and addressed the gathering with great zeal and enthusiasm.

He expressed his satisfaction with the twin achievements that the League of Arab Nations has registered in such a short span of time. The first of these achievements is the association of the League of Arab Nations and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

The association has motivated two strong bodies to join hands in their effort to combat the menace of drugs in the Arab sub-continent.

The second achievement has been the enforcement of this regional framework that implements a thorough mechanism to take strict actions against drug abuse. Both of these achievements would help to develop the nation as a whole. 

The official document for the framework has been signed by the Secretaries so far. The terms and conditions of the framework have been published by the official website. The Arabic nations will now be required to implement the program within the territorial boundaries of the countries through a policy measure and a directive.

Until the same framework is reduced to a directive or a policy framework in a country, it will continue to hold a persuasive value in the eyes of law.

The mandate can be implemented only through this mechanism so far. The Arabic nations have already informed the regional government to begin the development of a program that could be implemented within the domain of their own country. 

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There has been an outburst in drug trafficking through Arabic and Middle Eastern Countries in recent years. This was a major social threat to the development of the nations so far. Therefore, the League of Arab Nations found it necessary to undertake some reformatory measures in this regard as soon as possible so that further damage could be prevented.

The aim of this initiative is to build a healthy tomorrow by empowering the youth of countries. The General Secretary acknowledged in the meeting that the youth is the present and future of the nation. Without them, it is clearly impossible to proceed ahead in life as they have the zeal and vigor to unravel new ventures in the times to come. 

The UAE ambassador tweeted to congratulate the League of Arab Nations and expressed its willingness to support the mission to eradicate drugs from the framework of society.

The ambassador also went ahead to state that the mission will be successful only when all the middle eastern and Arabic countries join hands together with each other and put up a tough fight against all those organizations that act as termites for the society.

The UAE has showcased its unconditional support of this initiative at any cost. This is already aligned with Dubai’s mission to build a stronger community in the future. The UAE has already launched various programs to eradicate drugs from society. 

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