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UAE: Police Urges Motorists To Be Extra Cautious During Unstable Weather



UAE Police Urges Motorists To Be Extra Cautious During Unstable Weather

Following the unstable weather conditions prevailing in the UAE for the past few days, the Dubai Police have advised motorists to be extra careful while driving. Brigadier Turki Abdurrahman bin Faris, Acting Director of the General Department of Operations warned that motorists should be more aware of the weather conditions currently existing.

He observed that the visibility on the road can be severely affected during this time of the year with rainy and windy conditions. According to the National Center of Meteorology, the unstable weather conditions should last for a few more days with chances of rain and low temperatures.

Dubai Police Alert

Abdurrahman also urged the drivers to check the weather updates regularly from authentic and verified sources before going outside. This will be a good precaution to avoid unnecessary traffic mishaps. Also, a safe distance should be maintained between vehicles so that visibility issues wouldn’t lead to collisions and the speeds should be kept at a minimum level usual.

Dubai Police Alert

They should also be careful to put indicators while changing lanes and put low-beam lights while driving to reduce the strain on the opposite motorist.         

Residents across the UAE experienced showers and rains in the past few days and they are welcoming winter with high spirits. At the same time, there is an active concern about flash floods and clogged drainages at different places in the UAE.

The officials said that they are fully prepared to face any such challenges as they are equipped with advanced machinery to deal with such situations. According to the Dubai police Command & Control Center, there have been around 15,057 calls made in the last two days and among them, 13,108 were made to the emergency hotline number 999.

The remaining 1,959 were taken care of by the Dubai Police Call Center number 901.                                                                                   

During rainy weather, it is always advisable to plan your day according to the weather updates and start from home a little early so that last-minute driving rush can be avoided. The Dubai Police is ready to deal with any kind of incident, especially in the low-lying areas that are prone to floods and desert areas that are visited by tourists and locals during the winter season.

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The overall temperatures can rise around twenty-five-degree celsius in the coming days and the rains are expected to stop by Thursday or Friday. These are some of the safety tips that can be followed during the rainy season in Dubai and the UAE. 

  1. Leave the house with proper preparations and only for unavoidable emergencies when it’s raining heavily. 
  2. It is always safe to stay away from metal grills on your terrace or balcony during the rainy season as these can attract lightning. 
  3. Kids shouldn’t be allowed to venture outside during rain and especially when there is a thunderstorm.  
  4. Keep yourself updated with the weather forecasts so that it will be helpful in deciding when to go out or not. 
  5. There are chances of strong winds along with the rains in the UAE and these winds can cause damage to doors and glass windows panes of your house. Maintain a safe distance from these spots. 
  6. Be careful not to stand under any trees, signboards, or flagpoles when it’s raining or even cloudy. 
  7. A trip to the beach should be completely avoided when there is a thunderstorm. 
  8. Outdoor trips should be avoided to the maximum and find a cozy place indoors to spend your time. 
  9. Charge all your electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, emergency lamps, etc. Even though Dubai rarely experiences power cuts, it’s a good precautionary measure during rains and thunderstorms.
  10. Do not use your mobile outdoors when it’s raining or in thunderstorms. 
  11. Listen to your radio for regular weather updates and plan your day accordingly. 
  12. Avoid taking low-lying areas during rains as these places can get flooded quite easily. 
  13. If there is an instance of flash floods, do not attempt to drive your vehicle. Park your vehicle and find a place where you can spend time till the situation subsides.
  14. Never ignore the authority’s evacuation calls and don’t decide to stay back and wait in such situations. If such a situation arises, always cooperate with the authorities and follow their lead.  

This year July was a horrific month in the UAE because of incessant rains and flash floods that caused numerous casualties. According to reports, around 870 people were rescued by the emergency authorities from the Northern Emirates of the UAE.

Also, a large number of people were staying in temporary shelter homes in Sharjah and Fujairah was later shifted to their own places once the floods were dealt with.

This time, the authorities are more prepared to face flood problems if anything is to arise but so far the situation hasn’t reached that point. However, the authorities are looking into methods by which flood and waterlogging can be better managed in the coming years. 

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