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UAE President’s Visit To Pakistan Postponed Due To Bad Climate



UAE President's Visit To Pakistan Postponed Due To Bad Climate

The recent downfall of Pakistan has been affecting the country’s economy badly. Currently, Pakistan is facing the worst economy in recent times as its reserves have dropped to a critical level of $3.7 billion and they seek immediate liquidation or support to come back from the turmoil.

In the light of hope for Pakistanis, the UAE president might come to rescue the country from burning under the furnace.

Where is Pakistan headed?

According to reports, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of the United Arab Emirates visited for a private occasion to Pakistan on January 25 in Rahim Yar Khan in the country’s Punjab Province, while Pakistan Diplomat Syed Tariq Fatemi along with Minister of information and Broadcasting, Marrium Aurangzeb welcomed the President of United Arab Emirates.

Visit To Pakistan

During the visit both of the commanding position leaders interactively deeply over their friendly ties. His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan recalled his father’s love for the Islamic republic nation and the brotherly relationship between the two countries that goes back for many decades.

It is believed that during the visit, the President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan scheduled a one-day visit to the heart of the Islamic Nation, Islamabad to discuss the further economic situation and possible ways for the Emirate to invest in the Nation to recover from the disruption.

However, the UAE president’s visit to his second home was hindered due to extreme weather conditions in Islamabad. Citing safety conditions, the President of the Emirates disheartedly postponed today’s visit to the friendly nation for a further date. The visit was necessary for Pakistan as they seek cooperation from the Gulf to recover from the blood-bathed economy.

However, it is stated that the UAE president contacted prime minister Shehbaz Sharif to convey his dismay over the fact that he couldn’t visit as he promised earlier and assured him to visit soon to the capital for a two-day visit. PM Shehbaz stated that the president’s safety was at risk due to the extreme condition of weather and to prevent any risk, the president had to cancel and reschedule for a later date.

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Earlier this month, noting the friendly relationship between the two countries, Pakistan Army Chief General Asim Munir visited UAE in the hope to strengthen the defence and military cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. As he hoped, both the defence ministers of the country discussed bilateral relations and means of methods to strengthen the defence of both the Islamic nation. The Saudi Arabian Prince applauded General Munir on being appointed as the chief of the Army of the Pakistan army.

Furthermore, the United States have also expressed their support for General Munir’s takeover as the chief of the Army. it is believed that the two countries also have a long-standing relationship

From the retrieval of Imran Khan, Pakistan is now covered with a light of hope as they believe the current leaders could be more serious about running the nation towards a profitable economy rather than burning in turmoil.

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