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UAE Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack On Azerbaijani Embassy In Tehran



UAE Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack On Azerbaijani Embassy In Tehran

In a statement issued by the MoFAIC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation), the United Arab Emirates strongly condemned the terror attack on the Republic of Azerbaijan’s embassy in Tehran on 27th January 2023.

Within the statement released showing support to the Republic of Azerbaijan over the attack in the capital city of Iran, UAE also stated that it’s the obligation and responsibility of the host nation to protect diplomatic missions within the country, following the charters, regulations, and norms, set up globally to govern diplomatic bodies and ensure that they function without any threats in the host nation.

MoFAIC also expressed the sympathy of the nation and its sincere condolences to the government and people of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The UAE also extended its condolences to the victims and their families.

Terror Attack Carried Out by Solo Armed Gunman; “Personal Motives” Say Iranian Agencies

A statement was also issued by Turkey, a country that has close allies with Azerbaijan, via their Foreign Ministry stating that the country and its people deeply share the loss and pain of the people of Azerbaijan during this attack. The statement also highlighted the fact even Turkey had to go through similar highly threatening attacks in the past and that it is highly important to bring those responsible for such heinous acts to justice.

Terror Attack Carried Out by Solo Armed Gunman; “Personal Motives” Say Iranian Agencies

The terror attack on the Republic of Azerbaijan embassy in the Iranian capital city of Tehran was carried out by an armed gunman carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle, who broke through the guard post of the embassy, during which he fatally wounded and killed the Chief of Security of the Embassy and also wounded two other guards on duty.

The attack took place about 08:00 AM local time when the attacker crashed his vehicle purposely on the front gate of the embassy and stormed towards the guard post with his weapon firing on all in his way. The attacker was stopped by the two security guards, who got wounded in the gunfight.

Police officers swiftly took action on the scene and arrested the shooter immediately. According to a spokesman from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran, the arrested attacker is currently being investigated and interrogated for his actions.

The spokesman also said that the investigation and subsequent procedures will be handled with the highest level of sensitivity and priority and every step would be taken to make sure to clearly understand the details and motive behind the attacker’s actions.

Addressing the Iranian local television, General Hossein Rahimi, Chief of Police in Iran, stated that the attack could be because of a personal motive. He also mentioned that he had 2 children in the car with him when he went in storming with his gun into the Azerbaijan embassy.

But, by observing the CCTV footage from inside the embassy, which was posted on the official social media handles of BBC Farsi, it was seen that the assailant was alone when he stormed into the embassy and opened fire.

Initial investigation proceedings, as reported by Iranian local news outlets, are being taken care of by the judiciary department in Iran. During interrogation, the assailant has reportedly told that his motive for the attack was personal and is due to the disappearance of his wife, who has been missing since her last visit to the Azerbaijani embassy last spring.

The two countries have been going through a heightened period of tension in recent times. The main reasons for the fallout between the two nations include the mistreatment of the ethnic minority “Azeri” in the country, as well as the decision made by Azerbaijan to have an ambassador representing its country in Israel, which would be a first-ever move for the nation.

Also, 22 people were arrested in the Azerbaijani capital city of Baku, back in March of 2022 over suspicions that they were building an Iran-funded attack plot against the Israeli and United States embassies in Baku.

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All the people arrested were Azerbaijani citizens, however, were accused of spying for Iran by cooperating with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran, also known as “Pasdaran” or “Sepah”.

On the event of the latest terror attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran, the President of Tehran, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, said that he fiercely root against and condemn the terror attack that was unleashed against the Azerbaijani embassy on Friday. He also expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family of Lieutenant Rivan, the Chief of Security of the Azerbaijani embassy who lost his life fighting against the criminal.

Mr. Aliyev said that “Lieutenant Rivan lost his life while fighting for his country and defending the Azerbaijani embassy and the staff working in it.”

Following the attack, Azerbaijan had called for the Iranian ambassador in Baku to show their strong disapproval of such attacks and to demand a fair investigation and that the government of Azerbaijan would take necessary steps to fully evacuate the embassy along with its staff in Tehran.

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