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UAE To Launch First Corporate Tax On Early-Stage businesses Benefits



UAE To Launch First Corporate Tax On Early-Stage businesses Benefits

Experts say that the introduction of the new corporate tax (CT) in the UAE will be given ample time for the payment of the nine percent tax rate. According to the CT regulations, startups and early-stage companies will be given permission to carry forward their payoffs till the time they are able to create profits.

There will also be provisions to exempt the CT for companies that have a turnover below a recommended threshold. These will also be defined in the coming months and the possibility would be to exempt these companies from the CT.

Corporate Tax Cuts Give Free Zone Businesses More Flexibility

This threshold will be in addition to the earlier set limit of $102,000 as companies that get a turnover above this will need to pay the corporate tax. Apart from these, certain companies will be allowed to use non-audited financial statements for creating Corporate tax bills.   

Corporate Tax Cuts Give Free Zone Businesses More Flexibility

Even though the UAE administration is on road to introducing the CT by June next year, it is making the process as lenient as possible. They are not discouraging small business investments and startups that wish to invest in the UAE economy.

As UAE is at a crossroads of developing itself into a non-oil economy, it will be needing all-hands-on-deck to push itself as an investment-friendly nation.

Financial experts are predicting that UAE will follow its current development trends and that companies would be making more investments in the Emirate nation. The new residency reforms that were introduced by the Emirate administration were aimed at expanding the range of investments and talents that would come to the UAE.

The vision is to make UAE a truly global investment hub where all kinds of productive investments and innovative business models can flourish regardless of their big or small stature. A lot of freelance projects and startups have been given opportunities in the UAE to make their dreams come true.

One of the main economic attractions of the UAE is its tax-free environment. So even when they introduced the CT, the economy is sensitive to the anxieties of fresh investors and first-time entrepreneurs. This was done by taking extensive feedback and opinions from the businesses, investors consultancies, etc. by the concerned ministry.

The CT regulations and collection measures were formulated by integrating this feedback and opinions. The position of Free zone business initiatives is also clearly stated in the CT regulations where certain companies registered as Free zone trade companies will not be charged the corporate tax if they are following eligible income models.

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The eligibility is dependent upon various considerations like the ability to maintain a proper office space, employ a proper number of staff that is proportionate to the income generated, and also the directors of the company should be present in UAE. They should also have some sort of eligible income from the business that is established outside the UAE or in a free trade zone.

The accounts of these should be maintained properly and they should also abide by fair transfer prices. The new Corporate Tax compliance and administration regulations have been designed to be inclusive of all types of businesses and investors providing relief for intra-group transfers and restructurings.  

The UAE had also introduced Value Added Tax (VAT) into the majority of its consumer products as part of creating a non-oil-based income model for the nation. A VAT rate of five percent was charged on certain goods and products throughout the UAE.

Even today, the UAE hasn’t implemented income tax but as the prospect of non-renewable resources is decreasing, these economies will be slowly making a transition into a tax-based income model with which the nations can generate ample income to manage the public sector and overall welfare of the residents. 

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