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UAE weather: Cloudy Skies With A Chance Of Rainfall Today



UAE weather Cloudy Skies With A Chance Of Rainfall Today

The National Center of Meteorology had forecasted that certain areas in the UAE will receive rainfall on Monday with the whole of the UAE having a cloudy day in general. According to the report, the eastern, western, and coastal areas would receive rainfall and the humidity levels would range between thirty to seventy-five percent in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

There will be light to moderate winds with the temperatures going high as 27 degrees Celsius. Abu Dhabi and Dubai might see temperatures rise up to 23 and 25 respectively. The lower temperatures can go as low as 14 degrees in Abu Dhabi, 16 in Dubai, and 4 degrees celsius in mountainous regions. The conditions at sea are also predicted to be moderate to rough at times with the presence of clouds over the Arabian Gulf and the Oman sea. 

UAE authorities created a safety video on social media to educate drivers

The UAE authorities have warned the residents and motorists to be careful while commuting as UAE receives rainfall at different places. The forecasting done by the National Center of Meteorology has turned out to be true as there have been reports of rainfall in the UAE. The Abu Dhabi police have asked motorists to be careful while driving and obey the traffic rules.

The police have warned drivers to reduce speed and to leave enough space between vehicles to avoid any sort of accidents in bad weather conditions. The residents and motorists are also urged to check the weather updates before venturing outside as the coming days would witness unpredictable weather conditions.

UAE authorities created a safety video on social media to educate drivers

The speed limit in Abu Dhabi will be automatically reduced during bad weather conditions and these new limits would be regularly displayed on the electronic road signs. 

The UAE has been going through unstable weather conditions for the past two months with occasional rainfall and winds in different areas of the Emirates. This has also been causing accidents as in December a father and son died falling into a hole that got filled with water during the rains.

The son had fallen into the hole and the father made an attempt to rescue the child but both of them lost their lives. The unfortunate incident happened in Wadi Shahah at Ras Al Khaimah. The authorities have also asked heavy vehicle drivers and public transport owners to keep restraints while driving in bad weather and to stop at the nearest exit to recheck the preventive measures that will help maintain the safety of everyone. 

The UAE officials have sent out a safety video on their social media regarding some basic tips to follow during bad weather conditions. They are: 

  1. Drivers should always be vigilant about driving on the low-speed lanes and they should change lanes only if necessary during rainfall.
  2. Always use hazard lights while the vehicle comes to a complete stop or if it stops abruptly. 
  3. If you think the visibility is low, then stop the vehicle and wait so that the road becomes clearly visible. 
  4. Use low light beams during the daytime. 
  5. Always remember to maintain a safe distance between vehicles, especially during rainfall or other bad weather conditions. 
  6. Avoid the journey through mountainous regions during rainfall as these regions can get unexpected flooding. 
  7. The windscreen wiper should be checked and made sure that it works properly. 
  8. Special attention should be given to brakes and tires during unstable weather conditions and check them at proper intervals. 
  9. Always check the weather updates before venturing outside so that you can take the necessary precautions for the weather.   

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Two days back, the authorities issued a yellow fog alert in different parts of the UAE. This fog can hinder horizontal visibility as this can get really thick during the early hours of the morning. These conditions also require careful consideration from the residents and motorists as fog can create a major obstruction during driving in the mornings. Follow the traffic rules and make sure that adequate safety precautions are taken to avoid any sort of mishaps. 

Last week, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, and Ai Ain city received light to heavy rainfall. The regions of Maliha, and Sharjah received some major rainfall which led to water logging in certain areas. The weather department observed that this was mainly because of the effect of a low-pressure system from the east. This was also joined by an upper air stream coming from the west and merging with a cold air mass. 

Previously, health experts had warned about the possible rise of infection in children because of the wet weather accompanied by low temperatures throughout the UAE. There have been reports that Influenza A infections have shown an increase and this mainly affects the nose, throat, and lungs. The cold weather causes our mucus production to increase and this mucus will be thicker and stickier than normal. This can block the airways in our lungs and nose leading to the development of colds and other forms of infections.    

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