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UAE Weather: Temperatures To Fall With A Chance Of Rain



UAE Weather Temperatures To Fall With A Chance Of Rain

The new year in the UAE has started with a wet and chilly climate. According to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), the weather will continue to be like this for the coming days with a probability of rainfall in different parts of the UAE.

The coastal, eastern, and northern parts of the Emirates have been forecasted to receive different intensities of rain in the coming days with a chance of moderate to strong winds at times carrying clouds. The wind speeds are forecasted to reach around speeds of 45 kmph with blowing dust and rough sea conditions. NCM has observed that there will be chances of convective rainfall around different areas in the UAE.

There will be clouds and moderate to strong winds

Convective rainfall happens when the sun’s energy heats up the earth’s surface causing the water to evaporate from the surface in the form of water vapor.

As this air rises, it starts to cool down which results in cloud formation and gradual rainfall. Usually, convective clouds bring heavy rainfall that contains larger droplets and they are known to usually last for a shorter time.   

UAE Weather

The temperatures are also shown to fluctuate between a high and low scale in the coming days as the highest can reach up to 28 degrees Celsius and the lowest goes down to 8 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperatures can be mostly observed in Dubai (20 degrees Celsius), Abu Dhabi (18 degrees Celsius), and the mountainous regions (8 degrees Celsius) of the Emirates.

Humidity levels can range between thirty to eighty percent in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with rough to moderate sea conditions in the Oman sea and Arabian Gulf.   

The UAE has been facing a cold and rainy climate for the past two weeks with instances of flooded roads and water-logged areas across the nation. Although the situation didn’t escalate like the flash floods that happened in July last year, it still was a cause of concern for the residents.

The NCM had been issuing yellow and orange alerts for rainfall asking residents to take the necessary precautions in case of a flash flood. Certain companies had even permitted their employees to do work from home because of the unpredictable weather conditions that may cause big traffic blocks in the cities.                                 

In an unfortunate turn of events, a 13-year-old son and 39-year-old father died in Ras Al Khaimah on 28 December because of a flash flood that caused the son to fall into a hole filled with rainwater. The son had fallen into the hole and the father tried to rescue him but ended up losing both their lives.

The authorities said that they had received a call about the incident and they quickly reached the location along with the emergency rescue team. Even though the rescue team pulled them out of the hole using inflatable boats, they couldn’t be saved.

Many people offered their condolences and tributes to both of them on social media and the NCM released a warning urging people to stay away from areas that are flooded or have chances of flooding while it’s raining. The downpour that happened on the 27th and 28th in Ras Al Khaimah caused big waterfalls and streams in the areas of Wadi Shehah near Jebel Jais mountains.   

The Police force of different emirate cities has released multiple warnings for the residents to be careful while venturing out during rains and intense fog caused due to the low temperatures and winter. Motorists should be aware of the shifting speed limits in cities like Abu Dhabi because of the reduced visibility caused by rain and fog. The authorities often send out emergency notifications on the phones and on the big electronic display boards informing the admissible speed limits on the highway.

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Visibility issues during rains and fog are major issues in the highways of the emirate cities as this can cause multiple accidents in the blink of an eye. The authorities have advised motorists to maintain double the normal distance to be on the safe side during tough weather conditions.

Residents are urged to keep track of the weather updates released by official bodies by NCM and plan their day accordingly. The winters are becoming more intense in the UAE with temperatures expected to go down to single digits in the mountainous areas.                               

The winter conditions are also known to bring certain visitors from the sea like the sea snakes who come out to the coastal areas during winter for food and breeding.

The Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi (EAD) has asked residents to be mindful of the surroundings when they visit beaches in Corniche, Saadiyat Island, etc. and in case they spot any sea snakes, do not try to touch them or threaten them. Inform the lifeguard or the beach management or call Abu Dhabi Government to call center number 800 555.       

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