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UAE’s ‘Bridges Of Goodness’ Campaign Launches In Syria



UAE's 'Bridges Of Goodness' Campaign Launches In Syria

Syria has recently launched its mission ‘The Gallant Knight 2’ as a part of its relief campaign for supporting the earthquake victims. The efforts to rebuild Syria and compensate the deprived have been boosted by the recent collaboration of the government of UAE.

The UAE’s Bridges of Goodness campaign has commenced in Syria in addition to the already running operations. This campaign had been initiated under the aegis of the Emirates Red Crescent and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

The objective behind the campaign is to rehabilitate Syria from the tremors of the earthquake which brought with it widespread destruction. 

The Government of the UAE is leaving no stone unturned in order to extend every possible support to Syria and Latakia. These efforts of the UAE have been acknowledged and appreciated by the Governor of Latakia.

UAE has actually set an example to the international community at large by extending a hand of assistance to Syria at this hour. In fact, the UAE is the first country to have come forward for such a noble cause at an odd hour. 

The UAE is committed to providing all possible support to rebuild Syria

Syria had been hit by a terrible earthquake a short time ago. It witnessed a loss of lives, and properties and a blow to the economy of the country. The condition is heart-wrenching as the Syrians struggle to cope with the situation and long for their basic needs.

The Government of Syria is falling short of funds to re-establish its empire once again. The Government of UAE has decided to assist Syria on humanitarian grounds.

The UAE is committed to providing all possible support to rebuild Syria

The official spokesperson of the government recently affirmed in an interview that the country of Dubai is committed to respecting and reciprocating the brotherly people of Syria in this dilapidated condition. 

UAE is extending its best possible support to Syria. It is sending adequate food grains for the victims of the earthquake. In addition, it is supplying medical assistance through doctors, medicines, and medical kits. It is airlifting the broken shackles of buildings so that the process of redevelopment could be initiated as soon as possible.

The officials of the UAE have also confirmed that they would be extending monetary assistance to Syria to fund its recovery phase. Fair-price shops are being established on a temporary basis for satisfying the basic needs of the Syrians at an affordable price. 

UAE is also working in collaboration with the country development and planning committee of Syria. The objective of the committee is to develop a revamped strategy to lay the foundation of the modern country.

The UAE has even agreed to provide architectural assistance to Syria to build earthquake-proof buildings.

The officials of the UAE are constantly monitoring the implementation of the campaign and are in touch with the Syrian officials. They are quick enough to take sound decisions which justify the exigency of the present times. 

The UAE has recently delivered a shipment of 1000 tonnes to Syria. It carried around 37,500 food parcels for the people of Syria.

Amir Ismael who happens to be the engineer of the Public Works Department in Syria has received the shipment and extended his gratitude to the UAE for such a pleasant gesture.

In a recent tweet, he expressed that such a huge amount of grant would be enough to feed the hungry citizens of Syria who are struggling to live ever since the earthquake hit the country. 

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It has not been for the first time that UAE has emerged at the forefront to assist a calamity-hit country. It has participated in many relief campaigns in international territories. In fact, it allocates a specific part of its budget to such relief measures which are meant to be undertaken not only within the domestic borders but also beyond that.

UAE extends unconditional support to neighboring countries. The top government officials such as the President, Vice President, and the Crown Family tweeted that they are shouldering every bit of it.

Responsibility with Syria and Syria is not alone at all. It would be right to say that the UAE is the most humanitarian country in the Middle East. 

Mohamed Al-Junaibi, the ERC Representative in Syria has affirmed that these efforts would continue till the time normalcy returns back to Syria.

It is the time when countries must come together in order to fight natural calamities. It is the biggest instance of respecting the notions of brotherhood and principles of comity on the basis of which the relationship between the two countries is defined.

Syria is overwhelmed with all the support it has received. Such joint efforts would surely help to undo the loss that Syria has just suffered. 

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