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World Tennis League: Hawks Defeat Falcons On Second Day



World Tennis League Hawks Defeat Falcons On Second Day

The world tennis league is turning super interesting as The Hawks made a smashing comeback by defeating The Falcons in the Tuesday evening session. Dominic Thiem and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of The Hawks recovered from a rather disappointing opening set to defeat Grigor Dimitrov and Paula Badosa of The Falcons.

The Falcons were again stunned by an unlikely victory of The Hawks’ Alexander Zverev over the titan Novak Djokovic in a sensational 6-3, 6-4. This was a huge victory for The Hawks in the World Tennis League as they showed resilience and a never-back-down attitude.

The Falcons’ Novak Djokovic was defeated by the Hawks’ Alexander Zverev

Elena Rybakina of The Hawks defeated Aryna Sabalenka to tie the total score line. This was broken and the victory was snatched by The Hawks in the Zverev-Djokovic showdown. 

The Falcons’ Novak Djokovic was defeated by the Hawks' Alexander Zverev

In the coming days, the Falcons will be facing The Eagles and The Hawks will compete against The Kites for the second-round fixtures. The matches that ended today were exhibition matches and hence the points wouldn’t be counted in the points table.

Djokovic and Zverev remain at 7-4 in the points table and the twenty-one-time grand slam champion still has the upper edge. But it is worth noting that the 2021 ATP finals were also won by Zverev defeating Djokovic in three sets. 

Dubai is hosting the Tennis league exhibition matches at the Coca-Cola Arena and the matches have turned out to be super exciting. Djokovic is going to play against Nick Kyrgios of The Eagles.

After which, he will be facing Canadian player Auger Aliassime of Team Kites. Zverev will also be competing against Kyrgios and Aliassime, which if won, would take his team to finals. 

Zverev expressed happiness and confidence in the victory against Djokovic. He said that it was important to play the best tennis that he can as the opponent was a big player. Zverev also hopes that he can keep his body in good shape for future games as well.

The world tennis league consists of three matches with eighteen players in all six sessions and these matches would include mixed doubles, women’s, and men’s singles.

Each victory would grant one point to the winning team and five bonus points if they win the most matches in a session. The deuce can be broken with a one-point win and advantage scoring is not allowed. The team managers are given one timeout call for each set. 

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The World Tennis League started on 19 December and will go on till 24 December. There was another surprising moment when Djokovic was caught dancing to the Hindi song “Nadiyon paar” from the film Roohi. He has also attended the FIFA World cup at Doha and came down for his match in WTL.

He would also be looking at winning his tenth Australian open at the Adelaide International after the league match wraps up. Djokovic missed the Grand Slam in 2022 because of a high-octane legal battle with the organizers as he was deported because of his vaccination status.

This time the Australian government has lifted the three-year-long ban and visitors are no longer required to produce covid vaccination documents. 

Djokovic will be facing Kyrgios on Wednesday and the mood is already high at the Dubai Coca-Cola Arena.

This is touted as one of the major events of 2022 organized in Dubai and major players from all over the world will be playing it out in exhibition matches that will also be a precursor to the Australian open scheduled to be conducted from 16 to 29 January of next year. 

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