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World’s First Supermodel Robot Cafe Will Open In Dubai In 2023



World's First Supermodel Robot Cafe Will Open In Dubai In 2023

Dubai will launch its first supermodel robot cashier in 2023,  who can serve food and chit-chat with customers.  Donna cyber-cafe is ready to introduce robot staff that imitates humans to serve coffee and ice-creams to the customers. The robot resembles a human and provides services as the typical human team does.

Customers will be served by a supermodel-looking robot at Donna Cyber-Cafe

Donna was designed to be the extra replica of Eastern European model Diana Gabdullina, manages all services, and even initiates discussions with clients, takes pictures, and can narrate fairy tales upon request. The impressive new droid is created to look like a real person which allows the robot to read the emotions and move in an eerily realistic way. 

Supermodel Robot Cafe

Donna is made in  Robo C2 technology to initiate humans. The robot is utilized in different conditions and to perform various purposes. The Robo-C2 provides many features and options that include. Greeting the individuals, remembering faces and names, creating conversations with humans, collecting and storing data, and getting performed for particular phases and subjects. 

The physical appearance of the robot excites the customers, which is made up of silicone pores, skin, and hyper-realistic eyes. The highlight of the human-like robot is that it can express a wide range of micro-expressions. The inventors of robots believe that they can manage their dealings with clients even more effectively than humans. The robot controls hospitality and treats customers with royal services which fulfill their needs and make them satisfied.  

The builders of the robot declare that the company can have an “aggressive edge” and bring new prospects by providing better buyer loyalty and satisfaction. It will be more beneficial to the cafe which works 24 hours because the robots are capable to function as a gentle ice cream machine, a gentle drink merchandising machine, and an espresso maker. The clients can pay money at a self-service terminal. 

The robot-controlled cafes will appear across Dubai in 2023. The RDI-produced robots are already working in 43 countries as consultants, guides, administrators, promoters, and concierges, which replaced the need for human staff for services. The promobot robots appear at Baltimore-Washington Airport and Dubai mall. 

An average promobot costs around $1,000 per day for the second version of the robot and the new version costs around $2,000 per day. But how much the costs to buy is still unclear. 

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Robo-C2 gained huge popularity on social media platforms like TikTok. The social media account Promobot has around three million followers and the videos posted on social media show the interest of the people through their thousands of likes and comments. Some people showed their concern that Roberts doing the job of people that serves the customer could put people out of work. 

Some commenced on social media rejecting the new method of hospitalization saying “no thanks, we have humans that need work”. Keeping the technological development of the country aside we cannot avoid the fact that such innovations decrease the chances of humans working and earning money. 

UAE is in the process of pursuing its goal of making Emirates a global industrial center by 2031, according to this, the nation has launched many programs to boost the pace of the technological transformation.

The country invested to improve the infrastructure to attract more tourists worldwide to visit UAE to experience rich and unique facilities. The Digital Dubai Authority established plans to support the city-wide initiative to transform Dubai into the world’s smartest city. Initiatives that include public Wi-Fi, electric car charging stations, live traffic monitoring, e-Wallet, and now robots can be considered large-scale infrastructure projects.   

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