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YouTuber Everleigh LaBrant Father Tommy Smith Dies At The Age Of 29; What Was The Cause Of Death?



Everleigh' father Died At 29

The LaBrant Fam fans were in shock after learning that their favorite YouTube Savannah LaBrants baby daddy Tommy Smith died on Friday at the age of 29. The news of Tommy Smith’s death was shared by his girlfriend Courtney Santaella on her Instagram. Shortly after Courtney’s death, Tommy’s sister Amber Smith confirmed that the news is true through her Facebook post which said that her brother gained wings unexpectedly. After learning the news of Tommy’s death, people have been trying to know what was the cause of his death but neither his family nor his girlfriend has revealed the cause of death.

Savant LaBrant First Husband Cause Of Death?

Although there isn’t any official statement regarding the cause of Tommy’s death, it is rumored that Tommy died from a drug seizure. The rumor says that Tommy and a friend of his whom he met at Alcoholic Anonymous unknowingly took fentanyl which caused a cardiac arrest in Tommy that led to his death. There is no news about what happened to Tommy’s friend. There are certain people who claimed that Tommy was a drug addict and that his aggressive use of the drugs is the reason for his death. 

After learning about Tommy’s death, the LaBrant fam fans have been flooding the family with condolence messages. Most of them shared their condolences to Everleigh LaBrant, Tommy Smith’s and Savannah LaBrants daughter. Savannah LaBrant who wasn’t much close to Tommy Smith didn’t hesitate to share her sadness about losing Everleighs father. She posted a photo of Everleigh and Tommy Smith on her Instagram and she wrote that all of their hearts are heavy and are trying to process the news of Tommy’s death. 

What Was Savannah LaBrant And Tommy Smith’s Relationship Like? 

Savannah LaBrant and Tommy Smith met each other when they were teenagers and Savannah became pregnant with Tommy’s baby at the age of 19. As a teen mom, Savannah had struggled a lot to cope with her life, and on one of her YouTube videos, she said that Tommy was toxic at that time and they had a very strained relationship that was beyond repair. Savannah LaBrant ended things with Tommy Smith after knowing that he had cheated on her. After a few years of her split with Tommy, Savannah met Cody LaBrant, and the two became YouTubers who have over 13 million followers now. Even though Tommy hasn’t been a ‘right guy’ for Savannah, he has been active in Everleigh’s life and Savannah and Tommy had co-parented Everleigh. Even though Savannah claimed that she became friends with Tommy after their split up, there are rumors suggesting that Savannah never acknowledged Tommy as Everleigh’s father and that their relationship wasn’t very healthy.

But that didn’t stop Tommy from spending time with his daughter. Tommy often used to post pictures on his Instagram where it was seen that Tommy took Everleighn trekking and the daughter was also close with Tommy’s girlfriend Courtney Santaella. 

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