NYUAD Researchers Create New Photographic Mars Map With Observations Made By Emirates Mars Mission

Dimitra Atri, a research scientist and group leader at NYU Abu Dhabi’s Center for Space Science, and his team have produced an unprecedented map of Mars using images taken exclusively from the Emirates Exploration Imager (EXI).

The Emirates Mars Mission, also called Hope or Al-Amal, has a state-of-the-art imaging system called EXI installed on it. This mission is currently in orbit around Mars.

The comprehensive photographic map not only presents fresh perspectives of the Red Planet captured by the Hope probe but also demonstrates the UAE’s remarkable progress in the field of science.

This map is expected to serve as a valuable tool to inspire the youth in the UAE to pursue STEM fields.

Hope probe is a major accomplishment in the field of space discovery for the UAE and the Arab world

The Mars Map is a result of the combination of over 3,000 observations taken by the EXI instrument onboard Hope. Atri and his team meticulously stitched together the numerous observations made over a Mars year (equivalent to two Earth years) to produce a color composite map.

Atri expressed his intentions to make the map accessible to the world as part of the more advanced Atlas of Mars, which they are currently working on.

Hope probe is a major accomplishment in the field of space discovery for the UAE and the Arab world

The atlas will be published in both English and Arabic languages. Atri hopes that this accessibility will offer a valuable resource for both researchers and students to gain more knowledge about Mars. it will also showcase the remarkable potential that the space sector in the UAE has to offer.

The Mars Map is an extraordinary display of the Red Planet, showcasing its various regions and features with exceptional resolution.

The map is a valuable foundation for future scientific research on Mars since it provides an intricate view of all its major features, including polar ice caps, volcanoes, mountains,  valleys, lakes, remnants of ancient rivers, and impact craters.

This highly detailed map will enable scientists to understand the significant climate changes that can transform planets, which can offer valuable insights that may help us here on Earth.

Atri emphasized that the complete Mars Map is another milestone for the UAE and the Arab world in fulfilling the EMM’s ambitious mission to provide a comprehensive global view of the Martian climate.

Unlike previous spacecraft that have only captured brief snapshots of Mars’ weather, the Hope probe is following seasonal changes throughout a Martian year, thanks to its strategic position.

The probe’s elliptical orbit allows it to observe from a greater distance than any other spacecraft, enabling researchers to create a global image of the planet.

In 2014, the leaders of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission – Emirates Mars Mission (EMM). The EMM intended to send a spacecraft to Mars to conduct scientific research and learn more about the planet.

On July 20, 2020, the spacecraft known as the Hope probe was launched from Japan after several years of preparation and development.

Due to a favorable alignment between Earth and Mars, the spacecraft was able to complete the journey in just over seven months.

Because of its strategic location, the spacecraft can collect detailed observations of Mars’ weather and study how the planet’s climate changes over time.

The Hope probe successfully entered Mars’ orbit on February 9, 2021, marking a remarkable milestone for the EMM. Because of its strategic location, the spacecraft can collect detailed observations of Mars’ weather and study how the planet’s climate changes over time

The Hope probe orbits Mars in an elliptical path that takes it as close as 1,000 kilometers to the planet’s surface and as far as 49,380 kilometers away.

The spacecraft was designed to investigate the Martian climate and atmosphere, and its arrival in orbit marked the beginning of a two-year mission to collect data and measurements.

The successful launch and orbit insertion of the Hope probe represents a significant achievement in the field of space exploration for the UAE and the Arab world.

The mission shows the country’s commitment and dedication to scientific research and technological development, and it provides valuable opportunities for collaboration and cooperation with international scientific partners.

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