Qatar World Cup 2022: Mohammed Bin Rashid Attends The official opening Ceremony!

Football is undoubtedly the most popular and biggest sports competition on the planet and of course, The FIFA world cup held every four years is the festival of football and the biggest entertainment the world has ever seen. Roughly more than half of the population have seen a world cup final according to statistics several times more than any other sport. The 22nd edition of the world cup organized by the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) has seen one of the best opening ceremonies in a long time.

He Is One Of The Official Guests Of The World Cup!

The world cup hosts Qatar in addition to the peace and good relation over the years have invited big names from neighboring countries from the middle east including Mohammed Bin Rashid the current ruler of Dubai. He was accompanied by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani head of the state of Qatar. He appreciated the successful leadership of the authorities of the nation and added that their hosting of the world cup was a proud addition to the success and legacy of the whole Arab countries.

Mohammed Bin Rashid

Both had a friendly conversation mainly about extending goodwill with each other along with the plans they’re set to do together in the near future. As per reports Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, and other ministers and officials also joined the meeting at a very auspicious event.

Everyone asked and offered any support or facilities required for the competition or the welfare of the Arabian nations together. But it was a disappointing night for the Arabs as Qatar went on to lose 0-2 against Ecuador from Latin America. Qatar was the first nation to lose its first game as a host nation.

Ecuador had the upper hand as they had previous experience in playing world cups as well as having quality players at top-tier football competitions. Although the world leaders kept their hopes high since there are two games left for them to play along with enjoying the pleasure of hosting and viewing such a great event. Saudi Arabia and Iran are the other nations from the middle east other than Qatar to take part in the world cup this year

The presentation was a memorable one with the Oscar-winning American actor Morgan Freeman addressing the crowd with Ghanim Al Muftah who recites the verses from the holy Quran. South Korean K-Pop boy band group BTS featured one of their youngest members Jungkook as he steals the crowd with his performance at the ceremony, he graced the audience with his song and dance.

The song “Dreamer” captured the hearts of the people surrounding the hype of the football ceremony. The BTS Fandom called army was so proud of this sensational opportunity. He was joined by the Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi who also previously sang for the Arabian Gulf club with “Ahlan Ahlan”. Fahad’s music is a classic Arabs favorite and his collaboration with Jungkook brought cultural integration into the field of music. Throughout their performance, they shared their voices with the audience while they shared great chemistry on stage.

The Qatar ambiance and dynamic theme of culture, oneness, and appreciation of the world were well-versed by artists who helped in highlighting the opening ceremony. The multifaceted culture and the trend of football in representing each nation’s power, pride, and prosperity have always inspired art and entertainment.

The rulers of the middle east nations welcomed multiple VIPs, Former footballers, pundits, legends, and other celebrities. The Emir of Qatar has thanked all for the hard work and prayers behind the success of the biggest event in the world. The world cup final would be around late December next month and already this year’s edition has set its way to people’s hearts right away. 

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