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REVIEW: Pierchic Sunset Menu



If one of your friends decided that they were going to propose to their other half and asked you which restaurant to book, the chances are you’d respond “Pierchic” in two seconds flat. It’s a romantic fail-safe.

Walking down a dimly lit pier flanked by Burj Al Arab’s glittering façade and the Arabian Gulf probably has a lot to do with it, but the simple wood décor and award-winning food also come high on the list.

Being one of Dubai’s most famous restaurants can be a bit of a burden at times – diners stroll down the boardwalk with empty stomachs and high expectations, meaning that the food, the ambiance and the service has to be impeccable every time. Not long ago, there were rumblings that Pierchic had been dethroned. Whether that’s true or not, an extensive refit and the addition of a swanky bar mean that it’s been buzzing throughout 2016.

One of the many ways it has been pulling in diners is the Sunset Menu. For AED350 you get three courses, a side dish, and a glass of bubbly – a very reasonably priced way to experience what the restaurant has to offer.

We started with yellowfin tuna accompanied by an arty swipe of beetroot purée. Being tuna connoisseurs (is that a thing?), we always order it in seafood restaurants and the meaty and slightly tart flavour measured up to our standards. Approval given.

After a very disappointing experience with seabream the previous evening at a different restaurant, we decided to give it another go. Served with caramelised watermelon, creamed morels mushroom and citrus velouté, it flaked off our fork and retained all the juices it was cooked in – our friend, who was the recipient of a cold, rubbery fish the night before, remarked, “Now that’s how you cook seabream.”

For dessert, we opted for the caramel praline bar with chocolate ice cream – the dense flavours of chocolate and caramel were balanced out with a salty aftertaste, ensuring that, despite the sugar overload, it wasn’t too sweet.

Although the food was impeccable, our one critique was with the service. It started out extremely well but, possibly because we ate so slowly, we actually had to ask for our plates to be cleared. It was, though, just a small hiccup in what was otherwise a perfect evening, and one that we will be repeating soon.

The Sunset Menu is priced AED350 and is available Saturday to Thursday from 6pm-7pm. +971 432 3232

Three dishes to try
In case you opt for the Á la carte menu

Oysters (from AED45)
There’s a fine selection at the oyster bar, including Princess de Kermancy and Rock Scottish Cumbra Oyster. Enjoy them washed down with some fresh lemon.

Alaskan King Crab (AED240)
Yes, it’s a pricey starter, but it comes with Kristal Caviar, truffle mustard remoulade, saffron hollandaise and soft quail egg. So it’s easy to see why.

Mountain Milk Red Lamb (AED320)
Served with caramelised endives, shallot purée and roasted beetroot, this is a great option for those who don’t fancy a seafood overload.

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