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We’ve all been eating sushi wrong, apparently



Fingers vs chopsticks: “Originally, fingers were used to eat sushi, but eventually it became more fashionable to use chopsticks. For women, chopsticks look more elegant, but both are fine.”

Don’t add wasabi to your soy sauce: “You can use your chopsticks to place a small amount on top of your fish. The sushi chef will have already placed a dab of wasabi between the fish and the rice and you don’t want to kill the flavour of the fish with too much wasabi heat.”

Dipping: “Never dip your rice in soya sauce, as it will overwhelm the flavour of the fish. Keep the rice intact and lightly dip only the fleshy part of the fish, fish-side-down, in soy sauce, before eating the sushi all in one bite.”

Order: “Eat your sushi from white fish to red fish, followed by eel, crab or egg. This order ensures that you finish with something sweet.”

Ginger comes between sushi not with it: “Every fish has a different flavour. The ginger serves as a palate cleanser so you can fully appreciate the next fish’s flavour.”

Don’t wait: “Basic rule: eat first and talk later. Once you sit down at a sushi counter, everything is up to the chef. So whatever he says, you need to do; whatever he serves, you need to eat. This is the traditional Japanese way.”

Show gratitude: “Don’t forget to thank your chef. It won’t go unnoticed.”

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