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REVIEW: Nezesaussi Grill, Dubai Marina



With a menu and theme that blends the best of the Southern Hemisphere, it’s fitting that the name Nezesaussi is short for New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. As fans of the original in Manzil Downtown have learned, what you expect is pretty much what you get.

The casual sports bar in The Address Dubai Marina was buzzing with a post-work crowd when we arrived for an early dinner on a Thursday evening. The venue is all wood and big screens, with people seated at tables that give them the best view of their match of choice – which is invariably rugby.

We perched near the largest screen and proceeded to tuck into some dishes from the tri-nations. The menu is set out like a match programme, with “kick off”, “half time” and “full time” sections packed with all the nations’ favourites, and a little added inspiration from other corners of the world; burrata and tandoori chicken caesar salad, for example.

We started, however, with bitterballen, the deep-fried beef balls with homemade mustard and chips – a Dutch snack that’s popular in South Africa. It tasted as good as the words “deep fried beef” sound, with a hot meaty filling and a kick from the mustard sauce.

The food at Nezessausi is well above par for a sports bar, and that’s evident with the range of main courses. Our dining companion tucked into a zesty salmon fillet, which fell apart with the fork, while we went for the more substantial Wagyu beef and wild mushroom pie – which was full of soft, slowly cooked beef and a rich, meaty sauce, topped with a light pastry.

For dessert, the manager (somewhat surprisingly given the range of dishes) recommended the ice cream. We decided to go for the sticky toffee pudding, which comes with a side of vanilla ice cream – and he’s right, it’s exceptional. The toffee cake itself was soaked in a caramel and date sauce, making it as indulgent as we’d hoped. We also shared a slice of cheesecake – because if you’re going to do it you may as well overdo it – which was served with cinnamon ice cream and a warm caramel sauce.

Every course at Nezesaussi feels like a warm hug. It’s high-quality comfort food that sidesteps the heaviness of normal pub grub, and there are plenty of options for those with more self-restraint than us, like sea bass fillet served with courgette and cherry tomatoes, or a simple fresh fruit salad.

You can work off your dinner with a few games of pool or, if you’re anything like us, just sit
there any enjoy a match until you’re hungry enough for chicken wings. We recommend option B; one of the great things about Nezesaussi is that everyone’s too busy watching sport to notice.

Where: The Address Dubai Marina
Contact: +97144367777

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