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Apparently this is why prices are high in Dubai restaurants



We’ve all had that moment of shock when the bill arrives at the end of a meal. Somehow you managed to spend a few hundred dirhams in an hour, and you don’t know how.

Arabian Business spoke to Rotana CEO and president, Omer Kaddouri, who said that the high price of some UAE restaurants is down to “greed”.

According to Kaddouri, expensive food stops customers coming back to restaurants.

“In such a competitive market place today, it is not a good idea to keep raising your prices for restaurants. On the contrary, they should be making prices more accessible for people to come and eat and drink in their restaurants,” he told the publication.

“And that’s the problem that Dubai has today especially or may be even in the UAE. When investors open up restaurants they charge too much in the beginning and customers come once, but they don’t go back. They are trying to get their return on investments in 24 months as supposed to five or 10 years.”

Kaddouri explained that people will only go to expensive restaurants a few times a month, and most people prefer to go to places that are good value regularly.

This interview comes shortly after Rotana announced huge growth in the UAE. The Abu Dhabi-based hotel company will double its staff by 2020 in order to facilitate the new projects. The company currently have 49 hotels under development, which will bring the total up to 104. Once all hotels are open Rotana will have a whopping 27,087 rooms.

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