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8 of Dubai’s most incredible burgers



Dubai’s food scene is hardly short of burger joints. Not only have the last two years witnessed an explosion of independent, standalone purveyors of posh patties and innovative innards, but the sandwich is now a regular staple on upmarket restaurants’ menus. With so much variety to choose from across the emirate, we decided to combine our favourite ingredients from the many different burgers we’ve consumed recently to make the Ultimate Burger.

Here are six of our favourite burgers in Dubai, plus the ingredient that makes each one of them special so that ou can construct a masterpiece at home.

Clinton St Baking Co.
All Clinton St Baking Co’s buns are produced on the premises so you know you’re getting the freshest dough possible here. The brioche buns are lightly toasted and buttered, and with a touch of sweetness tucked inside, they’ll add a delicate flourish to our monstrosity of a burger.
Key ingredient: Toasted brioche bun
Where: City Walk
Price: From AED68
Contact: +9714 428 1331,

The Tap House’s eclectic menu contains too many options but we’re going to pinch a piece from the Heisenburger – a chicken burger caked in southwest mayo. We don’t know if the name is Breaking Bad-related, but we’re sure that this one-of-a-kind cheese will light up your taste buds.
Key ingredient: Truffle Monterey Jack
Where: The Tap House, Club Vista Mare, The Palm
Price: AED90
Contact: +9714 514 3778,

Beast Burger
A curious choice, maybe, but the seafood and brie combo is not to be missed. Every burger needs a bit of cheese on it, but melting it on sea-fresh lobster really ups the ante taste-wise. Burger and Lobster has some of the finest lobster meat around so this extra deserves a place atop our creation.
Key ingredient: A lobster tail.
Where: Burger and Lobster
Price: 145
Contact: +9714 514 8838

Jones Wagyu Burger
To be fair, it’s a shame to deconstruct Jones the Grocer’s wagyu burger; the ground beef, for instance, is like a taste of meaty paradise. But the show-stopping and somewhat extravagant foie gras is what makes it into our ultimate burger. The rich and buttery flavours work perfectly with the other ingredients.
Key ingredient: Foie gras
Where: Jones the Grocer, Al Safa
Contact: +9714 388 1038

Angus Chuck Burger
We couldn’t have an ultimate burger without a slab of beef in the middle. The Scene’s chuck steak patty is incredibly succulent whether it’s served medium or well done. Even without the sauce, the beef patty is flavoursome – a feat that shows The Scene puts some serious love into their burger craft.
Key ingredient: Chuck steak burger patty
Where: The Scene, Pier 7, Dubai Marina
Price: AED99
Contact: +9714 422 2328,

Chicken Cheetos Burger
Yes, you read that correctly: this burger is fused with Cheetos. Salt’s one-of-a-kind, spicy chicken sliders are dusted in the savoury snack and then smothered in additional cheese. We’re suckers for anything that combines our love of crisps and burgers.
Key ingredient: Chicken Cheetos fillet
Where: Salt, Kite Beach, Jumeirah
Price: AED40
Contact: website

Honey Bee Burger 
We really could’ve picked anything from the menu here but the intriguing Honey Bee burger really makes our mouths water with its smattering of honey mustard sauce and garlic aioli. This concoction has a secret in-house recipe that you won’t find anywhere else in Dubai.
Key ingredient: Honey mustard and garlic aioli sauce
Where: Moylo’s Burgers, Jumeirah Beach Road
Price: AED42
Contact: +9714 388 3140

Empire State Burger
We’re dipping back into cheese country with these tasty mozzarella sticks, pulled from the whopping Empire State burger. The only problem now is deciding exactly where to place them in our behemoth creation. Probably at the bottom. Or the top. Any ideas?
Key ingredient: Fried mozzarella sticks
Where: Perry & Blackwelder’s Original Smokehouse, Madinat Jumeirah
Price: AED115
Contact: +9714 366 6197, website

Black Tap executive chef David Anderson shares his secrets on the perfect patty…
Food on the move “Burgers are so much more than fast-food fare; it’s the sheer variety of possibilities that makes burgers such a big deal. Gourmet iterations can be as simple as meat, cheese and bun, but still look and taste great. You can experiment to your heart’s content, too, by adding in more exotic, over-the-top ingredients for a burger fusion.
“Freshness and high-quality ingredients are the key to any decadent dish and this is easily executed with burgers. Gourmet burgers can come in many different forms other than beef too – with turkey, chicken, fish, lamb, bison and more providing further great options.”

The perfect patty
“It all starts with quality beef that’s either minced or blended in a grinder. You need to handle it gently, as over working the meat will make it chewy and tough.
“Also, you should never smash or press the burger during or after cooking. Just allow the beef to cook properly and sear it to lock all those juices inside.
“Seasoning will enhance the flavour. You can choose from garlic salt, garlic powder, onion powder or chili powder, but often the simple salt and pepper is the way to go.
“Use fresh toppings such as tomatoes, fried eggs, lettuce, pickles, French fries (yes, really), avocados, onions, mushrooms, potato chips, peppers or chillies.
The combinations are endless. Experiment with sauces as you’ll soon find one that suits you.
“The burger patty is ultimately the star of the show, but the bun is the key supporting act. Kaiser buns, potato rolls, brioche, pretzel, onion buns and garlic buns are all excellent and make a delicious and memorable burger.”
Where: Black Tap, Jumeirah Al Naseem
Contact: +9714 422 9904,

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