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DEBATE: Has the rise of Dubai’s coffee connoisseurs gone too far?



Nathan Irvine
ShortList Deputy Editor and barista fanboy-slash-wannabe

If you’d asked me this three years ago, I’d have been on the other side of the argument. But a chance meeting with a world-ranked barista opened my eyes to the craft and flavours of the humble coffee bean. I soon found myself in a realm of cafetières, elderflower notes and the type of brewing equipment that would make a lab technician blush. Years of trial and error later, and I can make the perfect cup of flavour-filled coffee every single time. And once you try the good stuff, the usual brown sludge just won’t cut it anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still sip a coffee from one of the numerous high street brands – we all need a quick fix every now and again. But compared to the hot beverages you can now get from one of Dubai’s numerous and excellent independent coffee shops, we have to accept it’s awful. There is simply no excuse for drinking bad coffee these days.

Honestly, get some brewing equipment, grind your own beans and step into a whole new world of coffee possibility. You’ll wonder why you put up with instant rubbish for so long.

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