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4 restaurants in Karama you have to try



Dubai is known for its diverse cultures, and a big part of this is the sheer number of cuisines and restaurants on offer. From seven star high teas to AED20 fish caught right out of the sea, there truly is something for everyone. We get together a roundup of inexpensive eats that encapsulate the charm of old Dubai, while providing a taste of unique flavors that is worth the journey down to the historical and vibrant parts of the city.

Raju Omlet
Where: Behind Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel
Get you egg fix at Raju Omlet, which operates as an all-day egg dining restaurant. The menu is (obviously) heavily influenced by eggs, made primarily as scrambled, boiled, shredded or half-boiled prepared with a mix of regional Indian ingredients and a dash of Arabic influence. How about an egg tikka masala to tantalize the taste buds? Perhaps a buttery pav or the popular power omelet? Pair the egg feast with karak chai or jeera chass, a yogurt based drink with cumin that compliments the flavours on offer.
Contact: 04 388 5522

Betawi Café
Where: Behind Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel
The budget friendly, hole in the wall Indonesian cuisine is welcoming with its homely set up and a menu featuring traditional Indonesian cuisine served in healthy sharable portions. Go for a quick fix of nasi goring, nasi pedang or the opor ayam (chicken served in lush coconut broth). The satay dish, possibly the most raved about, is heavily laden with a thick and dark homemade sauce coating the skewered chicken. The mains are accompanied with crackers and Indonesian rice for an ultimate and super satisfactory meal.
Contact: 04 357 6245

Seafood in a Bucket
Where: Ground Floor, New Al Attar Centre
Have you ever had food served in buckets, mason jars, plastics bags and cups? At Seafood in a Bucket you can experience all that in one setting. The menu is limited to boiled seafood with simplistic ingredients or a quick fry up, all accompanied with choice of dipping sauces. These sauces serve as the main flavor components, with complimentary ‘bags’ of rice, or a bucket of crackers to complete the meal with options for sides available as well. Try the prawns, calamari, and fish with garlic and butter sauce and wash it all down with massive mason jar drinks made from cordial flavors. Simplistic seafood made special with sauces.
Contact: 04 388 5219

Maharaja Bhog
Where: Ground Level, Hamsah Mall
Expect a feast of real magnitude served as a thali. What’s a thali? Thali is what vegetarians dream about; the endless (unlimited) servings of what typically includes rice, daal, a variety of vegetables, roti, papad, and yogurt. The impeccable service at Maharaja Bhog is one to rave about, as the meal begins as soon as one is seated and ends when you’ve had your fill of the feast. The thali is strictly vegetarian with the meal plan changing daily, which results in a surprise for frequent diners to discover.
Contact: 04 396 4744

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