Team shortlist22 Jun 2017 AT 06:06 PM

4 great healthy Dubai cafes

Treat your body at one of these healthy spots
Team shortlist22 Jun 2017 AT 06:06 PM
UAE, Dining, Fitness, Health, Tips
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UAE, Dining, Fitness, Health, Tips
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Getting a beach-perfect body isn’t easy. Even if you’re a cardio nut or hit the weights room three times a week, if you’re not eating right, you’re not doing your body any favours.

The easiest thing to do after a punishing workout is to reach for some unhealthy food and justify it by saying “I’ve earned this!”.

Luckily, we have found a selection of eateries that are conveniently close to some of Dubai’s best gyms – and offer delicious alternatives to help you fast-forward your health kick.

77 Veggie Boutique
Fidelity Fitness Club is right in the middle of JLT inside Almas Tower, and it’s also very close to Cluster W and 77Veggie, where organic veg does the talking. As any of the staff members will tell you, healthy food comes from healthy and fresh ingredients and 77 works hard to make sure theirs are the best. For a monthly fee, 77 will put together a monthly meal pack for you, packed with low-carb meals.
Where: Tiffany Tower, JLT
Contact: +971 55 717 8866, website

Omnia Gourmet
Ace chef Silvena Rowe doesn’t do things by halves – so when her café (her first in Dubai, though she’s been a longtime fan) says “gourmet,” she’s not kidding. The menu is almost entirely gluten free and celebrates local flavours with Rowe’s signature twists. The décor itself is worth a visit – with hanging plants adorning the ceiling and cosy furniture, it’s like a secret garden. Don’t miss Silvena’s Childhood Cilbir. It is also within easy reach of Beach Park Plaza mixed gym.
Where: Jumeirah 2
Contact: +971 4 343 7181

Nathalie’s Coffee & Kitchen
Opened as an extension of the supersized Fit Republik gym in Dubai Sports City, which itself covers over 11,200 square metres and has Olympic-sized facilities for swimming and gymnastics, Nathalie Haddad’s eatery is in the perfect place. Haddad is also the founder of The Right Bite, a healthy catering company, so she knows her onions. There are loads of veg, raw foods and healthy carb meals on the menu, as well as terrific coffee for an energy boost. The food also has plenty of Lebanese touches.
Where: Dubai Sports City
Contact: 971 4 556 1888, website

Tucked away at the top floor of Galeries Lafayette, this is a hidden and healthy gem. Every item on the menu is totally organic and totally raw – it’s as if you’ve made the meal fresh from the farmyard fields. Spaghetti is made with grated courgettes, and smothered in spicy tomato sauces. Don’t be alarmed when it arrives cold – that’s what “raw” means. Nearby gyms include Life Fitness, just outside, although a walk around the mall will burn a good few calories.
Where: Dubai Mall
Contact: +971 4 339 9933