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Prestige Miyazakigyu menu at Hunters Room



It’s probably only been a decade since the word “wagyu” became a frequent prefix to “beef” on fine-dining menus. It means little more, of course, than “Japanese cow” and refers to a cattle stock originally native to Japan but which is reared and cross-bred with stock in Australia and America.

What makes it so special, and why 100 percent Wagyu is still so desirable, is the marbling, the seams of fat, that provide the flavour and the succulent texture.

There are a number of sub-divisions based on region, of which Kobe is perhaps the most famous. Miyazakigyu is another, coming from Japanese Black cattle produced in the Miyazaki province. It is noted for it’s quality, having been certified as Grade 4, or “very good”, by the Japan Meat Grading Association.

Hunters Room and Grill in the Westin, Mina Seyahi, has recently launched a special Prestige Miyazakigyu menu to showcase the meat. Created by Hunters’ new Chef de Cuisine, Alan Paul Todd, it offers different cuts and very different preparations over three-courses.

Three to try:

The starter provides wafer-thin slivers of beef, marinated in the usual lemon and olive oil fashion, is served with two quail eggs, arugula and, instead of the usual parmesan, comte, an unpasteurised French cheese whose flavour is slightly sweeter. It’s a soft, subtle dish that might owe much to acquired tastes.

Braised brisket
This, in our opinion, is one of the better meat dishes you can try in Dubai. The brisket, which is slow-cooked for a minimum of eight hours, sits in a neat square over an open mushroom tart, whose base is a crisp buttery disk of puff pasty. It is topped by caramelised and pickled onions. It is rich, earthy and tender dish that disappears from the plate all too quickly.

Beef Striploin tataki
This small rectangle of meat isn’t so much rare as waved in the vague vicinity of a naked flame. Again, its appeal might owe much to the diner’s preference, but served with flakes of garlic and lightly sautéed spring onions, the flavours and quality aren’t in doubt. Choose your steak knife well.

Hunter’s Room & Grill

Dubai Marina

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