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VIDEO: Man cooks egg on Dubai street in summer heat



We’ve all heard someone say, “It’s so hot outside you can cook an egg on the street.” But nobody has actually taken things a step further in order to prove it (that we know of).

That is, until now.

This man has stepped up to show us that it is, in fact, possible to cook an egg sunny side up on the street in Dubai.

The video posted on @fatafeatchannel shows a chef armed with an egg, a frying pan, salt and pepper, and the sun’s midday heat. He starts by explaining that the frying pan has been in the sun for 10 minutes to allow it to heat up.

A post shared by fatafeatTV (@fatafeatchannel) on

And there you have it. It is possible to cook your breakfast outside in the sun. Handy to know in case your gas or electric goes off.

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