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McDonald’s UAE’s latest competition is pure genius



We, much like everyone else, like free stuff. In fact, the list of things that we’ve done to get a freebie is pretty much endless; we’ve spent tons of money, just to get a free item.

We’ve posted a number of embarrassing shots on our Instagram just to get a free smoothie, we’ve even sang a few songs, shoved a few people and fake cried – not our proudest moment – in the hopes of securing our hands on a freebie.

So, when we heard that McDonalds was giving away two free McSaver Meals, we were most definitely all over it.

The challenge is pretty simple, all you have to do is screen shot the McSaver Meal in the video and post the snap as a comment on McDonald’s UAE’s competition tweet (below).

However, when it moves at the SPEED OF LIGHT, doing so is pretty hard!

So hard, in fact, that we’ve been doing it for the past three hours and are still no closer to devouring our two free McSaver Meals… and, because of all the pictures we’ve taken, we now have to delete some precious photos– sorry granny, but food first, family second – and, for all those judging, we uploaded them on to iCloud first.


If you’d like to give it a go, click here. If you prove victorious, sharing is caring.

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