4 Dubai restaurants to get South African boerewors

May the wors be with you… South Africa’s cultural mix is reflected in the richness of its fare, with everyone from the Dutch to the French, the Germans to the Malay adding their influences to the abundant local larder. It was, though, the Germans who introduced the boerewors – aka a farmer’s (boer) sausage (wors). They whipped up their new-world wiener with a combination of meats, coriander seeds, cloves, nutmeg and allspice, with today’s boerewors following a very similar recipe. Coiled into spirals and cooked across the country on braais (open-coal barbecues), this meat is usually served with a side of chakalaka (spicy onion, tomato and bean relish) and pap (maize meal), or between a soft, fresh white bread roll.

Boerewors at The Meat Co.          
Here, South Africa’s grilled sausage is served with pap and spicy chakalaka –that zingy tomato, onion and bean relish we spoke about earlier – as a starter. Pap – a firm but sticky white-hued maize meal that some people compare to Italian polenta – first hit SA’s shores thanks to the Portuguese, who were credited with introducing corn to Africa hundreds of years ago. Apparently, the Voortrekkers were the ones who invented pap during their Great Trek, though. Thanks, Voortrekkers. Also order the Mozambique-style Chicken Livers flavoured with peri-peri and served with chargrilled red bell peppers and crispy croutons. You know, for a friend.
Where: The Meat Co
Contact: +9714 368 6040,

Big Easy Braai Mix
What better place to order boerewors than at a restaurant that belongs to one of South Africa’s top golfers, Ernie Els? Most South Africans are carnivores, so you’ll be getting a lot more than just a piece of farmer’s sausage when you order this come-hungry meal. Expect tender beef fillet – cooked to your liking, of course – a juicy lamb chop, and soft-like-butter chicken breast, with a selection of finger-licking sauces. You’ll want to save space for the restaurant’s malva, too. A traditional South African apricot and cinnamon jam pudding that comes with chocolate crunchy and vanilla ice cream, this sweet will do your diet in.
Where: Big Easy Bar & Grill, Els Club
Contact: +9714 425 1010, website

Hakuna Matata Platter at Tribes
Aside from the seasoned star of the show, this hearty platter – that feeds two people – also serves up African pie (its contents are a delicious surprise), grilled calamari, lamb spring roll, crumbed chicken lollipop, pan-fried chilli and garlic prawns. This plate’s flavour combinations pair exceptionally well and make for the perfect main meal. If you’re a homesick South African – or dining with someone channelling their inner meat lover, try the Bunny Chow. A South African speciality from Durban, it features a hollowed-out, fresh-from-the-oven loaf of bread filled with curry and served with a flatbread and dip.
Where: Tribes, Mall of the Emirates
Contact: +9714 395 0663,

Nezesaussi Platter
The name Nezesaussi is, as we’re sure you all know by now, a mix of New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, so it makes perfect sense that they have a meat-heavy, braai (or barbecue) loving menu. This includes platters laden with the likes of deep-fried calamari, finger-licking chicken wings, and perfect potato chips with our meat of the moment making its appearance in an interesting and surprisingly delicious spring roll. Oh and there’s bitterballen and biltong, too. If you want the straight-up take on the boerewors, theirs comes hot-dog style with stewed tomatoes and roasted onions.
Where: Nezesaussi Grill, Address Dubai Marina
Contact: +9714 436 7777,

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