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4 brilliant Dubai restaurants to get ceviche



As recently as a decade ago, the word ceviche rarely passed the lips of the most ardent foodie. Now, though, it is a gastronomic phenomenon, appearing on menus across the world as a light, refreshing summer staple. Pronounced seh-vee-chay, the dish has a colourful history, with some claiming it was first whipped up for an Incan emperor who loved fish so much he had his subjects marinate it in tombo fruit before making chasquis (runners) transport it, relay-race style, up to his fortress high in the Andes. Another story credits the dish to Moorish slave cooks who worked for Spanish nobility in the 16th century who created Sei-vech, a dish that saw fish or meat marinated in lemon juice. Either way, it’s come a long way, whatever its original journey.

Lubina Clásica 
The most classic of ceviche offerings, this zesty number is a collection of seabass, red onion, white corn and sweet potato. Melding surprisingly complementary textures – from crunchy onion to buttery seabass, juicy white corn to creamy sweet potato – this vibrant appetiser is perfect for a hot day. If you’re not all about that seabass, they have five other types, namely Dorada Criolla (sea bream), Atún Chifa (yellowfin tuna), Salmón Nikkei (salmon), Calabacines (vegetarian) and Pargo a la Trufa (red snapper). Or just order the ceviche platter and be done with it.
Where: Coya, Four Seasons Jumeirah
Contact: +971 43169600, website

Lubina Clásica, Coya

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