3 great Dubai restaurants to get scallops

Scallops weren’t always á la mode. Once considered a poor man’s food – eaten by fisherman who couldn’t find anyone to buy them – today things are a little bit different for the versatile bivalve mollusc. In the UK, 15–20,000 tonnes of scallops are caught every year, with about 100 million of the pretty shellfish landing up on dinner tables across Europe. Dredged or diver-caught, both king and queen scallops (the latter being slightly smaller and having two bowl-shaped shell halves rather than one flat and one bowl) have undergone a renaissance. While they do taste delicious raw and even pickled, today we’re talking about the seared and baked variety.

Scottish Scallops with slow-simmered leeks and aged mimolette cheese
Created by the talented head chefs and protégées of Michelin-starred master chef Pierre Gagnaire, you know you’re in for a treat when these beauties land in front of you. Comprised of the finest creamy white Scottish scallops served on a soul-warming creamy leek and aged mimolette cheese mash, this dish is as gorgeous as it is moreish. Garnished with red chicory leaves and a kick of horseradish, you might want to lick your plate. Just keep it together, okay?
Where: Choix Patisserie & Restaurant Par Pierre Gagnaire, Festival City
Contact: +971 4 701 1136

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