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4 reasons why we love UberEATS



To commemorate UberEATS’ first birthday in the region, we decided to compile a shortlist of reasons as to why we love the brand.

1. It’s vast food selection
With everything from P.F. Chang’s to 800 Pizza to Kcal on offer, finding a meal to satisfy your appetite is oh so easy. Just be sure not to spend too much deciding – we’ve lost a few friends to hanger.


2. It’s fast
The average food delivery is 35 minutes which is perfect for those looking to unwind over a nice meal after a hard day at work. Fun fact, the fastest UberEATS delivery on record is four minutes and 30 seconds.


3. It’s reliable
Thanks to the apps tracking system, you can see where your food is at all times. Good, because when it comes to food, we’re not messing around.


4. It’s easy to use
All you have to do is put in your delivery location, select the venue you want to order from and dish you want to order, choose your method of payment and viola, your freshly cooked meal will be delivered to your door within minutes.


As if that wasn’t enough, the brand has just launched two new features; “Restaurant Ratings” and “Recommended for You”.

The former allows you to read the reviews that previous customers have written about a specific food outlet, while the later provides you with recommended dishes based on your preferences – perfect for indecisive eaters like us.

Speaking on the brand’s milestone anniversary, the General Manager of UberEATS UAE, Damien Drap said: “The first year flew by, and it’s exciting to see how quickly we’ve grown to become one of the UAE’s most trusted food delivery apps.

“We are constantly innovating and looking for ways to build on the user experience, and would not have experienced such a successful year if it wasn’t for the restaurants we collaborate with, and our delivery partners – they really are the unsung heroes. We also want to thank our consumers for their continued loyalty, and look forward to another exciting year delivering delicious food – all with just a tap!”

To order from and, or, download UberEATS, click here.

Happy eating folks!


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