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4 great places to get Chocolate Fondant in the UAE



This is no run-of-the-mill chocolate dessert. It’s the Chocolate Fondant – that warm little cake with a heavenly gooey centre. Chef Jean-Georges.

Vongerichten, of the Jean Georges restaurant franchise, claims to have created the recipe for chocolate fondant in New York. The story goes that in 1987 whilst catering for a party of around 300 people, the individual cakes he made flopped in the oven and were still soft inside. Frantic, and at a loss at what to do next, he served them anyway and, thankfully, the crowd lapped them up.

However, pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres French isn’t buying it. In his book How the Hot Dog Found Its Bun, he says “He [Jean-Georges] was the first to make it in America, but it existed in France already”. Whatever the back story of this dessert, we can all agree that when you crack open the decadent dessert and spoon out the deliciousness within, it’s verging on sweet perfection.

Dark Chocolate Fondant
One of the bestsellers on Armani Lounge’s dessert menu is this superb take on the dish. The sugary goodness comes served in an iron cast pot. Lift the weighty lid and you’re instantly treated to the types of aromas that will have you salivating in no time.
Where: Armani Hotel, Downtown Dubai
Contact: +971 4 888 3888, website

Chocolate Extravaganza
There seems to be a nod towards the famous Ferrero Rocher here. Jimmy De Almeida, Chef De Cuisine at Bord Eau, says, “the chocolate sphere is made out of the best Valrhona chocolate blended along with seasonal ingredients. We pour a hot chocolate sauce on top to melt the sphere in front of the guest”.
Where: Bord Eau, Shangri-La Hotel, Abu Dhabi
Contact: +971 2 509 8511, website

Vasco’s Chocolate Soufflé
In terms of presentation, there’s none more eye-catching than this. It’s made with Ivory Coast cocoa, baked for 15 minutes and served with berry coulis and vanilla ice cream. The result is best described as an edible fairy forest that looks as good as it tastes.
Where: Vasco’s, Hilton Abu Dhabi
Contact: +971 2 692 4247, website

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant
True connoisseurs of all things sweet will appreciate the attention to detail here. You’ll want to take your time enjoying the white chocolate ‘stamp’ on top of the fondant, the softness of the ice cream, and the lovely crunch from the caramélia and honeycomb. The dessert alone says a lot about the quality culinary experience Galvin offers.
Where: Galvin Dubai
Contact: +971 4 590 5444, website

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