Team shortlist30 Sep 2018 AT 12:34 PM

REVIEW: World Cut Steakhouse

The perfect place for friends and family to meat and greet
Team shortlist30 Sep 2018 AT 12:34 PM
REVIEW: World Cut Steakhouse

It’s only a small thing, but one of the lasting memories of our trip to World Cut Steakhouse at Habtoor Palace is the knives. Wait, what? Every venue has cutlery, you’re probably thinking, and we did too, but this is the first venue we’ve been to where you get to select a blade from felt lined box. The whole thing felt a little theatrical, almost video game like, as you choose your weapon before taking on the delicious cuts of meat this joint has quickly become known for.

Set in a dimly lit cavernous space, World Cut Steakhouse has a classic, upscale New York vibe about it. The three-piece band delivering Sinatra hits such as Fly Me To The Moon further increases the sense that this place is a throwback to a golden era
of restaurants.

We kick off with a Caesar salad and, on the recommendation of our waiter, black truffle fritters. The veggie dish is an ideal palate cleanser and is tossed in just the right amount of lemon and chilli to deliver lip-smacking flavours. But it’s the fritters – little deep fried balls of gooey Comté cheese – that steal the show. It’s a delicacy that manages to balance the richness of the cheese and truffle expertly, and still manages to stay light enough not bloat your belly before the mains. A doffed cap to the
waiter, then.

On to the main event, and it’s time to pick out said carving tools – a wooden handled number and a full metal Japanese knife are selected. We order Australian grass-fed lamb rack and a Wagyu sirloin steak, with sides of creamed spinach, olive oil smashed potatoes and sautéed broccolini. But before the food is brought out, we’re presented with a trolley of the widest range of mustards and sauces we’ve ever seen. We’re talked through the perfect pairings but just can’t resist trying a scoop of the intriguing sweet gingerbread mustard, which turns out to be a game-changer in the condiment stakes (steaks?).

We need not have worried about the knife’s durability when it comes to the lamb. The meat is tender and falls off the bone. Pro tip: that gingerbread mustard works wonders with the dish. We took a risk on the sirloin, as it can be notoriously tricky to cook and keep the wonderful flavours of Wagyu beef intact. But you’re safe at World Cut. The smoky char holds the cut together brilliantly, so every juicy mouthful vindicating our decision.

There’s enough room for a massive slab of cheesecake with berry sorbet to round off the meal beautifully. And just enough time to search the internet and upgrade our steak knife game at home.

Three dishes to try
Black Truffle Fritters

Rich, yet light spheres of cheesy goodness that really are a superb way to start your meal.

Wagyu Sirloin
As we said, it’s not the cut we’d usually choose for Wagyu beef, but the chefs here nail it.

Gingerbread Mustard
Sure, it’s odd to put a condiment in here, but you really need to give this tasty concoction a whirl.

World Cut Steakhouse
Where: Habtoor Palace, Al Habtoor City
Contact: +9714 435 5577