07 Oct 2018 AT 02:50 PM

REVIEW: Soho Garden - sit back, relax and enjoy a late night feed with a party after

A Mediterranean inspired feast served in the heart of an urban garden
07 Oct 2018 AT 02:50 PM
REVIEW: Soho Garden - sit back, relax and enjoy a late night feed with a party after

We feel pretty excited to be sitting down to dinner at 9.30pm, demonstrating that we don’t do this often. But as it’s the weekend, and we’ve no work to set the alarm for, we allow ourselves to dine late in order to experience all of what Soho Garden has to offer. The venue comes alive after dark, buzzing with the Dubai crowd seeking a mix of night life and chilled lounge vibes.
We’re seated with an amazing view overlooking the vast venue, including a handful of bars that are dispersed throughout the garden, each offering different bespoke mixed beverages. Café Mambo – the world-famous brand  originating from Ibiza – takes centre stage on Fridays, encompassing the venue with house music sourced from a line-up of electro artists.

The à la carte, brassiere style menu has a variety of meats, fish and vegetarian dishes to deliberate over. Diving straight in, we order Sri Lankan red shrimp tempura and spiced chicken tenders to start. Smoked paprika aioli is served alongside the chicken, the cool and creamy texture complimenting the hot, crispy chicken. Meanwhile the shrimp tempura is paired with a sticky soy and yuzu dressing, a balanced combination of citrus and sour. Both dishes are eaten quickly, each mouthful a joy.

For the main course we order seared yellow fin tuna steak and steak frites. The aroma of grilled meat fills the air as we tuck in to our 6oz Argentinean steak, which arrives drenched in a delicious black peppercorn sauce and served with shoe string fries. While the meat melts in our mouth and disappears in seconds, we barely make a dent in the generous portion of fries, there are so many. Our favourite dish is the tuna steak, seared with a colourful pink middle on a bed of soy and ginger soaked pak choy and decorated with a light salsa salad. Well cooked fish kept simple – delicious.

Most of the desserts at Soho Garden would grab the attention of anyone with a sweet tooth, and we can’t wait to tuck in. We order the Soho Snickers and the Soho éclair at our waiter’s recommendation, both of which are excellent. The Snickers is made of Lindt milk chocolate mousse and peanut butter lay on a cornflakes crumble. It’s insanely chocolatey and incredibly rich, and, in truth, a bit much for us.

Although Soho Garden is known as a great night venue, dining here is likewise an enjoyable experience. It proves to be a suitable venue to sit back, relax and enjoy a late dinner/supper with friends who want to have fun at the lively venue afterwards.

Three dishes to try
Steamed broccolini

Steamed perfectly, this side dish is a great green to go with the steak frites.

Hummus edamame
A different take on the Middle East’s favourite dip, served with a perfectly toasted herb focaccia.

Goats cheese, artichoke and spinach cannelloni
Roasted artichokes, baby spinach and tomato sauce stuffed in tubes of cannelloni, topped in a creamy béchamel sauce.

Soho Garden
Al Meydan Road, Meydan Racecourse
Contact: sohogardendxb.com