28 Oct 2018 AT 11:52 AM

Brasserie 2.0 brunch review: One of the classiest Friday brunches in Dubai that still knows how to party

Le Méridien's stylish restaurant serving up international cuisine is the perfect weekend splurge
28 Oct 2018 AT 11:52 AM
Brunch, Friday brunch, Le Méridien, Brasserie 2.0
Brunch, Friday brunch, Le Méridien, Brasserie 2.0

Grand. That’s the best way to describe the Friday brunch at Brasserie 2.0, based in Dubai \ Le Méridien hotel.

From the sheer scale of the palatial surroundings to the incredible variety of food on offer everything is, well, grand.

We sit out on the terrace overlooking the gardens and pool as the energetic live band whip up the crowd with their setlist of pop classics. Starting indoors at the many food stations, we weave our way between the many food islands on offer.

This is the type of brunch where there’s quite literally something for every taste. Fancy some traditional roast dinner fare? You got it. Hankering for some of the freshest and most delicious sushi around? It’s here. There’s even an impressive curry selection demanding repeat visits throughout the day –  we just can’t resist a quality chicken tikka.

Brasserie 2.0 in Dubai Marina's Le Méridien is a classy way to spend your Friday

With global cuisines from all corners of the planet, you’d think that some dishes would be better than others, but it’s a testament to Brasserie 2.0’s talented chefs that the high quality remains consistent across the board. Whether it’s the carefully rolled sushi bites at the ocean-fresh seafood station or outside at the smoky barbecue grills that are serving up cuts of briskets and finger-licking chicken wings, the high standards come through with every mouthful.

Although there’s a family-friendly feel to the brunch, it’s towards the end of proceedings that the party comes into full swing, with the once sedate outdoor seating area getting up as one to shuffle about on the makeshift dancefloor in front of the bar.

For all the decadence across the food and drink, it’s no wonder that the packages are fairly expensive. But if you want a monthly splurge or a venue that will impress and give out of town visitors an overall flavour of what Dubai’s brunch scene is about, then Brasserie 2.0 is the place to be. 

Brasserie 2.0
Where: Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa
When: Friday, 1.30pm-4.30pm
Price:  From AED450
Web: brasserie2point0.com/en/brunch