11 Nov 2018 AT 11:17 AM

Sheraton Grand Hotel's Friday Feast brunch review: A busy brunch with a world of flavours

From British beef Wellington to Indonesian beef rendang, inside the wordly delights at the Sheraton Grand
11 Nov 2018 AT 11:17 AM
Sheraton Grand Hotel's Friday Feast brunch review: A busy brunch with a world of flavours

The cacophony of sound we hear as we leave the lift and swing a left to Feast restaurant is always welcome. Many voices means lots of people, and lots of people means a popular weekend brunch.

It's easy to see why it brings the crowds in within minutes. Throughout the many food stations you can set off on a tour across world cuisines without ever leaving Dubai.

We tuck into a range flavourful sushi from Japan, take a trip to Indonesia with some of the best beef rendang we’ve ever had and head to good old Blighty for some almighty beef Wellington. The restaurant prides itself on being able to deliver dishes from around the planet, which are all served up impeccably. You’re quite literally spoiled for choice.

Sheraton Grand Hotel Friday Feast Brunch

There are certain foods that you can have made up by the chefs and delivered directly to your table such as juicy beef burgers. The made-to-order dishes are great, in theory, but on our visit the staff were run off their feet by an incredibly demanding, and somewhat rude, group of people that barked orders at the waiters as soon as they stepped into view. However, the waiting staff handled it with broad smiles at all times, which must be commended.

Anyway, these gripes aside, it’s hard not to love the almost overwhelming variety of food on offer. It all manages to catch your eye through wonderful presentation, too. We got side-tracked numerous times by noodles and roast dinner staples before finally making it to the curry section. But each time we end up back at our table with something we never set out to get, we’re delighted with the dish. There really is something for everyone at the Friday Feast. And that’s really worth making some big noise about.

Don’t miss

We almost curtailed our entire culinary journey by getting stuck into the cheese and breads early on. Specifically, the gooey fondue variety. It’s the first time in history that we can remember getting the après-ski staple at a brunch, but we won’t forget it any time soon. The pretzel bread rolls we use for dipping are just as good.

Friday Feast
Feast, Sheraton Grand Hotel
When: Friday, 1pm-4pm
Price:  From AED325
Web: feastrestaurantdubai.com