19 Nov 2018 AT 12:55 PM

Maya Kitchen's: The Mexican brunch option to add a sizzle to your weekend

Friday brunch at Maya wins us over with tasty tacos and sizzling steaks
19 Nov 2018 AT 12:55 PM
Maya Kitchen's: The Mexican brunch option to add a sizzle to your weekend
© Maya Kitchen
Maya Mas Mas brunch terrace and interior

We’ve picked the best day to finally get ourselves down to Maya Kitchen. It’s November 2 and the Mexican Day Of The Dead celebrations are in full swing. The feeling in the air suggests that this is a buzzing venue all year round, mind. The beach-facing terrace is dotted with cacti, Frieda-Kahlo tribute art and vivid green and red fabrics draped from the ceilings. It’s clear we’re in for a real Mexican treat.

Naturally, we tuck into an abundance of tortilla chips with fresh guacamole to start before moving on to tacos from the live cooking stations. If you only pick one (why would you do that?) the shrimp ceviche tacos pack the punchiest flavours.

Maya Kitchen's interior and terrace, chair and red, yellow and green fabrics

Back in our seats to take in the live band – a mix of pop covers and Mexican tunes are interrupted by one bruncher who steals the mic to belt out a Spice Girls track... badly – our mains arrive still sizzling.

Sliced rib-eye steak and a grilled vegetable medley are laid before us, and we’re salivating as we wrap the mix into soft, floury tortillas.

While we would have been more than happy to get our fill on the tender, medium-seared beef and tangy veg, it’s the eye-popping langoustine served still in it’s in the shell that takes us by surprise. The juicy display is so good, we don’t hesitate to order a second helping.

Maya Kitchen's Mas Mas brunch option

Finally, we make our way to the dessert room. Our only qualm here is just how solid the chocolate skull is that’s housing some moist, soft sponge. Trying to crack it with the knife was a chore, so we swiftly gathered up some carrot cake and red velvet numbers instead. Both of which were pleasing.

Brilliantly, you also get beach and pool access as part of the package price, but good luck tearing yourself away from the immense array of food on show.

It’s a little hidden away, and like the starters, it’s a self-serve situation, but the dessert section is worth a visit.

All kinds of cakes are up for grabs (with ice cream if you ask your waiter) and the design that’s gone into some of them are sensational. Share a snap and you’ll surely leave your Instagram followers envious.

Mas MAs brunch

Mas Mas Brunch
Where: Maya Kitchen, Le Royal Meridien
When: Friday, 12.30–4pm
Price: From AED395
Web: maya-dubai.com