26 Nov 2018 AT 12:40 PM

Al Nafoorah's Plaj Beach Brunch serves as an extravagant Lebanese feast and chilled out pool day

Al Nafoorah’s latest addition is more than your average brunch
26 Nov 2018 AT 12:40 PM
Al Nafoorah's Plaj Beach Brunch serves as an extravagant Lebanese feast and chilled out pool day

If being jostled by sharp-elbowed guests as you navigate the food stations has become too much for you on the weekend, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray has just the brunch for you.

Set on the outdoor terrace of the exceptional Lebanese restaurant, Al Nafoorah, the Plaj Beach Brunch is that idyllic, somewhat exclusive affair that keeps the numbers down, but the experience quality up.

We’re taken on a buggy to the private area and greeted with a refreshing fruit mocktail and a special beach bag complete with towels, sun tan lotion and bottles of water.

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray aerial view

See, as the name suggests Plaj Beach Brunch takes in the sandy shores of the luxurious hotel on The Palm. A velvet rope sections off a quiet area of beach with plenty of sun loungers just for brunchers, which adds another air of exclusivity to the whole thing.

Having soaked up the sun we make our way to our table for what turns out to be an enormous, almost overwhelming spread of the finest Lebanese fare you’ll find in Dubai.

It all kicks off, as expected, with a hot and cold mezze. Hummus, fattoush, baba ganoush and stacks of freshly baked breads are served direct to the table.

Plaj Beach Brunch cuisine

There’s a gentle warning from the waiter not to fill up on these starters. Sage advice, because the hot mezze mix of, amongst many, many more things, cheese rakakat, fried kibbeh and meat sambousek lands at the table in enormous amounts.

By the time we get onto the grilled meats – complete with a card system that tells the waiters when to bring more or not – we’re stuffed.

It’s testament to the excellent food that we try to valiantly plough on. Defeated, we take our ice-cream back to the loungers and watch the sunset on what is one of the best all-day brunches you’re likely to find. Just be sure to go hungry, OK?

Don't miss: Due to the attentive staff, there's not much that you can miss in terms of dishes. But in terms of the whole brunch experience, be sure to make the most of the pool and beach access that comes with it. Get there early and spend the full day drinking in the fresh air and enjoy the feast. 

Where: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray
When: Friday, 10am-7pm
Price:  From AED595
Web: jumeirah.com/plajbrunch