04 Dec 2018 AT 01:31 PM

Bab Al Sham's new Garden Brunch review: Why the desert brunch is well worth the trip

From the full rotisserie chickens and incredible views, a day at the Friday brunch is one well spent
04 Dec 2018 AT 01:31 PM
Bab Al Sham's new Garden Brunch review: Why the desert brunch is well worth the trip

When a brunch serves over 100 types of cheese, you know it’s going to be a great one. The fromage room that helps to make up this sprawling feast at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, can’t be missed. Thankfully, the thought of filling up on cheesy goodness is only a fleeting one and we’re soon on our way to check out what else is on offer. 

Stretched across the palatial interiors and titular grassy area, The Garden Brunch is has foodie delights everywhere you look. From traditional Arabic fare including delicious, made-to-order chicken shawarma wraps to tightly packed Chinese dim sum, and everything in between.

As the live band play on the outdoor stage, we cut a path to the sweet aromas wafting from the BBQ pits. Slabs of beef brisket are piled high and accompanied by a hearty helping of creamy mac ‘n’ cheese.

Bab Al Shams roast chickens

It’d be rude not to make a quick stop at the rotisserie chicken station, so we grab some of this too. Back at the table, it's clear that there’s love and attention poured into every component of the line-up. The brisket is charred perfectly and melts in the mouth with every forkful. While the chicken is so succulent, we have to head back for another slice of it.

We have a break in the feasting to go and explore the grounds and fantastic desert views. But even with the best intentions, it’s hard to simply walk by the Italian food station and pick up some freshly baked pizza that really hits the spot.

Honestly, it’s impossible to walk around The Garden Brunch and not be eating some of the amazing fare. We skip the traditional desserts in favour of another lap, or two, around the cheese room.

The star of the show here is the burrata filled with mozzarella balls – a double cheese delight. It might mean a bit of a drive on a Friday, but with a brunch this good (and over 100 cheeses) it’s certainly worth a visit.

Bab Al Shams Arabic sweets

Don’t miss
The cheeses have been well documented over the page, but if there’s one other thing you need to check out it has to be the BBQ pit offerings. They have seafood options like jambalaya, beef brisket and other meaty cuts to satisfy you. Oh, and they have a fantastic line-up of tangy sauces to go with it all, too.

The Garden Brunch
Where: Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa
When: Friday, 1pm-4pm
Price: From AED365
Contact: +9714 809 6194