20 May 2019 AT 11:42 AM

REVIEW: Blacksmith Dubai

More barbecue fare at Dubai’s latest meaty smoke house
20 May 2019 AT 11:42 AM
REVIEW: Blacksmith Dubai

Dubai has a new foodie trend that switches up every few months. There was the vegan one a while back. Then a pizza one a little after that. And it seems like now, we’re fork deep in a resurgent barbecue phase. The latest of these sits in the Wyndham Dubai Marina Hotel. We head up in the elevator to The Blacksmith and are instantly greeted by the tempting wafts of char-grilled meats.

It’s a moodily lit venue that fits the theme of a traditional Deep South restaurant. Suitably, there’s a bit of Johnny Cash bursting through the speakers to further hammer home the point. We’re lead to our booth on the outdoor terrace space who’s centrepiece is a massive smoker that looks a little like steam train. Save for two or three other tables, the place is practically empty.

This might have something to do with our Saturday night reservation, but hey ho, it means our food will arrive more quickly.  For starters we go for the smoked chilli rubbed chicken wings and the intriguingly titled armadillo eggs. The wings, as you’d expect from a US joint, are seriously on point. The combination of smokey, sweet and spicy flavours come together to create a tasty mouthful with each bite.

The armadillo eggs aren’t quite as exotic as the name would have you believe. These are hollow beef meatballs that are filled with jalapeños and gooey cheese. There’s a lovely kick of chilli that’s present throughout – a feat that could easily have rendered these too far over the hot side, but manages to maintain a balance. They’re pretty huge and immediately make us wonder whether we’ll make it to dessert [reader, we did not].

Onto mains and it’s the TBS fried cat fish and the highly recommended beef short rib. We’re big fans of the crunch in the cat fish’s coating. It’s like an extravagant fish and chips, minus the stomach-churning grease – a winner for sure. Sadly, we can’t say the same for the giant beef rib. Although it’s perfectly charred and smoky, we’re disappointed by the amount of fat in each slice meat. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not fillet snobs, in fact, we love a bit of gristle in our beef dishes, but when there’s more of it than actual high quality beef, it’s a letdown. It’s a shame because on the tender meaty bits we did get you could taste the potential of a show-stopper.

But hey, three out of four solid dishes means we’ll definitely be back for more.

Three dishes to try
Armadillo eggs

We’d advise sharing these starters as the beef and cheesy goodness comes in a cricket ball size.

Chicken wings
Perfectly prepped, seasoned and cooked. We could’ve eaten two buckets of these.

TBS fried cat fish
The seasoning on these generous cuts of white fish is of the lip-smacking variety. You’ll definitely want to catch this again.

The Blacksmith
Where: Wyndham Dubai Marina Hotel
Contact: +9714 407 8873