19 Feb 2019 AT 03:55 PM

REVIEW: Zheng He’s

A classic on the Dubai scene, but does it still live up to its reputation?
19 Feb 2019 AT 03:55 PM

It’s not hard to see why this eatery has remained in the zeitgeist with Dubai residents for years on end. Upon arrival, we walk through the intricate interior, with red lanterns dangling from the ceiling and scarlet kimonos preserved behind glass. Seated outside, we look up to the Burj Al Arab lighting up the night sky, and down to the waters to see abra boats pass by and fairy light-enveloped palm trees reflected back at us. Not
too shabby...

We mull over the menu; the dim sum selection is extensive, the meat options consist of beloved favourites and the seafood selection is delectable.

We start with vegetable and tofu spring rolls, spinach and mushroom dumplings and beef tenderloin dumplings. The spinach parcels are surprisingly flavour-packed and we order another serving. Formed very differently is the beef selection – more a bao than a dumpling, it arrives in a golden slider-like bun, served with a side of cucumber. The meat melts as we take a bite, and it’s equally as delicious.

Ignoring our better judgement to order sensibly, we opt for braised portobello mushroom and broccoli in oyster sauce, sweet and sour crispy chicken, vegetable fried rice, veggie wok-fried somen noodles, and home-made tofu in gravy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s the meaty dish that takes the crown – the chicken is encased in a light, crispy batter but is tender within. It’s vaguely reminiscent of what you might get from your local takeaway, but then not at all at the same time – infinitely more flavoursome and fresh. But the noodles are a close second.

Sweet tooth taking over, we settle on a banana chocolate cake to finish – not the most traditional, but a stunning final touch.

While it’s more a meat-eater’s go-to than a herbivore’s haven, we can’t deny that Zheng He’s lives up to the legend in style and substance.  

Where: Jumeirah Mina A’ Salam
Contact: +9714 432 3232