04 Mar 2019 AT 09:53 AM

Brunch review: COYA

Lively vibes and top Latin American eats at this Jumeirah favourite
04 Mar 2019 AT 09:53 AM
Brunch review: COYA

Ask around, and you’ll often get told that COYA is one of the best brunches in town. And at over AED400 for the soft drinks package alone, we should hope so. But after years of sitting on the title through word of mouth, does the Peruvian eatery still hold up?

From the moment we arrive, the pristine service is balanced with warm staff, making for a welcoming atmosphere. Seated upon the colourful sofas, we sit back as the waiter prepares guacamole before our eyes, and offers it up alongside fresh bread and tortilla chips for us to pick on. So far, so good.

We sip away on delectable mixed beverages before moving on to the buffet of starters, from corn salads and maki rolls to chicken or mushroom skewers and sea bass arancini balls. More small plates arrive featuring perfectly executed favourites such as beef bao buns and chicken tacos. Soon, our table is a full as the buzzing venue.

As the merriment increases from around the venue – those drinks going nicely as the music volume turns up – we chat away and nod along with all smiles as we wait for our mains to arrive, only interrupted by dancers in silver catsuits weaving between the tables.

We opt for the salmon fillet presented on a bed of stir-fried quinoa and green vegetables and corn feed baby chicken served with Pervuvian red pepper aji panca and coriander. Each is delicious, which doesn’t come as a surprise after the satisfying start. We resist the urge to get too caught up in the music, therefore missing out on dessert. As a reward, we enjoy a sharing platter of miniature desserts such as frozen berry sorbet, fresh churros caramelised popcorn, chocolate cake and more. A final treat before we retreat to the dancefloor.

We held COYA to pretty high standards when heading over to review the dubbed ‘best brunch in town’, and from the attentive service to impeccable cuisine and increasing party atmosphere, we can’t it falter it. Costly, but a must try for anyone who calls Dubai their home.

Don’t miss
The table-top dancing. In a first for most Dubai brunches, it’s the staff leading the party upwards. As soon as they’ve dismantled the buffet of ceviches, sashimi and salads, they clamber up onto the display and encourage diners to join them. This is a party brunch for grown-ups who have no intention of, well, growing up.

Where: Restaurant Village Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Beach Road
Contact: 04 316 9600