04 Mar 2019 AT 10:03 AM

6 of Dubai’s biggest burgers

Wedged inside a grilled cheese, piled with guac, and more of the largest burgers in the city
04 Mar 2019 AT 10:03 AM
6 of Dubai’s biggest burgers

Burgers are big business in Dubai – but where exactly are the city’s biggest? We know which places deliver a cheeseburger at 3am, and how to get our hands on a vegan version that bleeds like real meat (shudder). What about the kind of burgers that don’t just satiate that gaping hole in your belly, but threaten to fill it up once and for all? Here are six of the city’s biggest meals between two halves of a bun.

Go on, get stuck in.

6abooga at Blaze Burgers

If you’ve got no love for cheese, look away now. For this beast is essentially a double cheeseburger wedged between two buttery grilled cheese sandwiches. Little wonder they call it The Brick. Choose between topping combinations ranging from the Blaze Original (lettuce, toms, pickles, ketchup, mustard, pickled onions and burnt cheddar) to the Italian Job (toms, oregano, basil, crispy Parmigiano and mayo). Add on onion rings and a Maltesers dry shake if you know what’s good for you (if not necessarily your cholesterol levels).
Price: AED72
Where: The Walk, JBR
Contact: +971 800 25293

Beast Burger at Burger & Lobster

Think you can tackle this? Well, it’s probably the only one on this list that looks like it could tackle you right back. Behind those monstrous (/delicious) lobster claws lie even more lobster meat and a whopping 10oz (280g) half-pounder beef burger, plus a smattering of fresh, crunchy Chinese cabbage. Little wonder the price tag matches the name of this behemoth.
Price: AED177
Where: Burj Daman, DIFC
Contact: +9714 514 8838

Fondue Dip ’N’ Flip Burger at Bun Fight

Tear your eyes away from the brightly coloured, millennial-tastic interiors of this place and feast them on this two-hander. A Black Angus patty comes topped with slow-roasted beef and an avalanche of melted raclette cheese goo (goo being their word, not ours). Served on the side is a big old bowl of French beef gravy dip. You know what to do.
Price: AED63
Where: Jumeirah Beach Road
Contact: +9714 225 4488

Man Cave Burger at Ribs & Brews

Me man. You burger. Specifically, burger filled with a cheese-stuffed 500g wagyu patty, fried egg, beef bacon, pickled jalapeño, cheese sauce and an absolute slathering of guacamole. Served with chips, because with a dainty meal like this, it’s the starch that counts…
Price: AED129
Where: Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City
Contact: +9714 435 5577

Mighty Beef Burger at Mighty Quinn’s

It’s the biggest, baddest brisket burger in town, and it’s absolutely crammed full of the stuff. And an Angus beef patty. And slaw. Pity the poor little potato bun trying to hold it all together. Or just sink your teeth in and demolish the whole thing like it’s the Wild West and there’s no telling when you’ll lasso your next meal…
Price: AED82
Where: The Walk, JBR
Contact: +9714 380 1888

The Texan at Black Tap

You know what’s coming. Leave it to the New York burger chain to deliver a sandwich befitting of the state after which it’s named. A prime beef burger comes topped with beef bacon, aged cheddar, ‘Sweet Baby Ray’s’ barbecue sauce and a giant crispy onion ring. Grab your Stetson and trusty steed – unless you’re all hat and no cattle…
Price: AED98
Where: Various locations including Jumeirah Al Naseem, Umm Suqeim
Contact: +9714 422 9904

Buns out
Burgers elicit some peculiar eating habits. How many of these have you spotted – and which one are you?

The Pigeon
Cooing when the food arrives, then slowly dismantling the sandwich by picking it off into teeny, tiny pieces. Expect crumbs everywhere and lots of eyeballing of diners (and their meals) to either side... 

The Dowager Countess
Somehow didn’t get the memo that burgers are a hand food. Requests a knife and fork, and daintily devours à la Dame Maggie Smith. Or the editor of Tatler.

The Bun Binner
They should have ordered a steak, rather than showing their meal the ultimate disrespect by chucking the bread. (The Pigeon, if nearby, will pick this up and use for chip butties.)

The Houdini
The last person at the table has only just been presented with their burger, but The Houdini’s has long since disappeared with a single contraction of the gullet.

The Artist
Views the menu as a blank canvas or, at a stretch, a suggested guideline. Spends 20 minutes verbally painting a picture for the waiter of what a real masterpiece of toppings would look like.

The Pickle-Dodger
Just the worst. Give them a kids’ menu and move on.

The Hillary-Norgay
Like the first two mountaineers to reach the top of Everest, this diner cares not for his supposed physical limitations. He’ll have the largest one on the menu. With fries. Plus onion rings.
And a shake. Can I get some whipped cream on that?

The Tarantino
Never knowingly exits the table without leaving behind what looks like a particularly gruesome scene from Pulp Fiction. Is that ketchup? We hope that’s ketchup.