17 Mar 2019 AT 10:58 AM

Brunch review: Soho Beach

A pool party brunch stuffed full of massive beats and (refreshingly) normal people
17 Mar 2019 AT 10:58 AM

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a freezing-cold pool on a scorching-hot day.  Oof, it’s the one.

Okay, we draw the line when it feels like your legs might freeze off in a very literal cold snap, but that’s all part of the charm, right?

And nobody can criticise the folks at Meydan’s Soho Beach for cheaping out on their DEWA bills this month – they’re investing big time in their chiller facilities, especially as the mercury starts to creep up again (huzzah for that, beeteedubs).

Unlike some of the pool parties in town – naming no names – this one is a breath of fresh air in the sense that the majority of people here aren’t here purely for the ‘gram. It’s full of (in the immortal words of John Legend) ordinary people, with little-to-no pretentiousness knocking about. Sure, you’ll find the mandatory gym-obsessed model or two here purely for their latest photoshoot, but they’re the minority.

Everyone is just having a great time, with unlimited mixed drinks all being delivered with Lewis Hamilton-worthy levels of speed.

Before venturing into the icy waters that sit as the centrepiece of this impressive “beach” club (which, let’s not forget, hosts some absolutely huge Ibiza parties on a regular basis), you’ll want to chow down on some decent grub. Pizza, chicken bites, quesadillas, sushi and the like. You may want to avoid overloading on carbs though – bloatiness and pool parties aren’t a good mix.

Instead, you might want to go and badger the chefs at the open barbecue pit knocking up freshly grilled meats, ribs, burgers and even some giant langoustine (though pescatarians will be peturbed by the cross-contamination on the grill). For a brunch that’s not about the food, you’ll be more than happy with the selection.

But, ultimately, we’re happy wallowing like a hippo in the cold waters all afternoon.

Soho Pool Vibes at Soho Beach
Meydan Racecourse, Nad Al Sheba
When: Friday, 12-4pm
Price: From AED275
Contact: +971 52 433 3375