Mark Conlon18 Mar 2019 AT 03:13 PM

Brexit Brunch at ICON later this month

Media City bar offering Dubai’s first-ever brunch under AED50
Mark Conlon18 Mar 2019 AT 03:13 PM
Brexit Brunch at ICON later this month

Head down to ICON Bar & Lounge to enjoy a brilliant Brexit-themed brunch on Friday March 29, with prices starting at just AED49 per person.

The venue, which is situated on the ground and first floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai Media City, is giving guests the opportunity to choose from two separate menu options, one of which includes unlimited beverages.

Running from 1pm until 4pm, guests will be able to select either the Non EU option, which is being touted as Dubai's first-ever brunch under AED50, or the EU package, where you will be able to eat and drink to your heart’s content.

“I thought the good people of Dubai deserved a deal,” said the hotel's general manager. “There are a lot of deals but not all deals are good deals, but a deal is better than no deal unless the deal on offer is not a good deal.

“It is the last weekend in March and I was planning to leave for a couple of days but now I have decided to remain.

“We had a referendum here in the Hotel to decide if we should do a different Brunch concept. There was a slim majority that voted to offer a Brexit-themed brunch. Those who voted to keep the Brunch the same complained for a lengthy period of time and after much debate I decided to go with the will of the people.

“I used to be a part of a golf society in Media City but recently chose to leave and decided to go to Brunch on Friday March 29. I then found out the other members, all 27 of them, were playing on that date so I asked if I could play, but they said no I am not allowed back in.

“I like to listen to my guests. I asked them if they wanted a different brunch, they voted no. I asked them if they wanted me to keep the brunch the same, they voted no. I asked them if they wanted more time to decide if they wanted a brunch at all, and they voted no. So now I am not really sure what is going on.”

The Non EU Brunch, priced AED49, includes one British hop, as well as a package of crisps and baked beans, while those guests opting for the EU Brunch, which costs AED179, will receive free-flowing beverages and food.

To keep you entertained and in the party spirit, ICON’s Lounge garden area will play host to a Guinness Bar and the venue’s staff will be dressed as key political figures from history.

Price: AED49 (non-EU package), AED179 (EU package)
Where: Icon Bar & Lounge, Radisson Blu Dubai Media City
When: Friday March 29, 1pm to 4pm
Contact: +9714 366 9111