01 Apr 2019 AT 11:31 AM

Brunch review: Dusty’s

Dusty’s delivers in (almost) every department
01 Apr 2019 AT 11:31 AM

Fantastic food and super service. As reviews go, that’s a pretty good start.

The new brunch at Dusty’s, which is situated at Currency House in DIFC, ticks all the right boxes, but for some reason it feels as though something is missing. People, predominantly.

Numbers, for whatever reason, are low, but that should in no way be attributed to the food or service, with Dusty’s excelling in both departments.

The selection of starters is both unlimited and extremely satisfying. The rock shrimp tempura leaves you craving, and requesting, more while the wagyu sliders are even more enjoyable than you expect them to be when they arrive, which is saying something. Beef carpaccio, meanwhile, is subtly enhanced by a perfect shaved Parmesan.

Music, supplied by an in-house DJ, is ‘90s-themed with an R&B/pop edge to it. Think primetime Mariah. And it works well. Lively enough to get you in the party spirit without dulling your senses as you chomp through more delightful dishes. The attentive nature of the staff at Dusty’s ensures we’re never beverage-less as a mixture of bottled hops and mixed drinks come thick and fast.

The main course menu is dominated by meat and fish although, in truth, the quality and overall volume of the  of the starters means we could probably go without and not notice the difference, although the chicken skewers prove to be a wise choice.

Everybody is enjoying themselves, and why wouldn’t they be? Fantastic food and free-flowing beverages, all supplemented by some feel-good music.

The only disappointment is that there aren’t more people here to experience it. Dusty’s deserves a bigger crowd.

Don’t miss
Everybody loves a creme brulée, but down at Dusty’s the desert menu includes not only one, but three different types. The coffee and mango options aren’t without their merits, but diners with a sweet tooth are advised to prioritise the coconut concoction. Sweet, smooth and  creamy, there is nothing not to enjoy about it.

Dusty’s new  brunch
Where: Currency House, DIFC
When: Fridays from 1pm until 4pm
Price: From AED299
Contact: +971 4 354 5435