Darragh Murphy14 Apr 2019 AT 11:59 AM

Kcal to launch brand-new meal plan for Ramadan

Food delivery company also have some top tips for staying healthy
Darragh Murphy14 Apr 2019 AT 11:59 AM
Kcal to launch brand-new meal plan for Ramadan

Fasting during Ramadan can change the way you eat, and to make sure you have all the energy you need for daily activities, Kcal has your meal plan sorted.

The healthy food delivery company has set up a new range of healthy Ramadan menus; from individual dishes to a full meal plan with a 15 percent discount. No need to feel guilty about that waistline.

To start, Kcal Life restaurants have a Ramadan combo for dine-in and delivery, featuring tasty and healthy dishes to get your fill.

Expect a vegetable labneh dip with cucumber for breaking fast, along with mains including Arabian beef or vegetarian biryani and chicken makloubeh with couscous or roast vegetables. As for sweet treats, which are made with zero sugar or white flour, expect salted tahini caramel bar, a tahini brownie and a chocolate tahini oat bar

You can get a snack, soup, main meal with a side dish and dessert for just AED65, with delivery from 10am to 1am, and for dine in from sunset to 1am at selected restaurants across the UAE from Sunday May 5.

Want a scheduled meal plan specially tailored for iftar and suhoor? Kcal Extra has a brand-new meal plan, and it comes with a nifty 15 percent discount.

A typical day includes dates, herbed hash browns or a falafel loaf to break the fast and a soup op-tion before a main meal of chicken with spiced rice, kousa bil Laban or zaatar baked salmon. For dessert, there’s the saffron carrot halwa, apple walnut crumble or ruz bil haleeb.

The four-week meal plan now costs AED2,635, come down from AED3,100, and you’ll have all your meals delivered straight to your door. No stress, just break your fast.

As for those tips, Kcal’s Nutrition Director, Lauren Jacobson recommends having a healthy and filling suhoor that contains complex carbs and a load of protein so keep up those energy levels through-out each day.

She also states that fried food is empty food, so say goodbye to them (for now).

Also, limit your caffeine. Fasting causes dehydration, so during the month of Ramadan it is good to consider limiting or even taking a break from drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee or tea as it will increase water loss in the body. Nice tip.

If you’re feeling like a spread of food, there are a few places to break your fast in Dubai, including La Mer’s Indian fusion restaurant Masti and at Dubai Opera.

Bring on the healthy iftars and suhoors.

Price: AED2,635 (meal plan), AED 65 (Ramadan combo).
When: Sunday May 5 onwards
Website: www.kcallife.com and www.kcalextra.com