14 Apr 2019 AT 12:55 PM

Brunch review: Seagrill Bistro

Have a hankering for quality seafood? Seagrill Bistro’s brunch has you covered
14 Apr 2019 AT 12:55 PM
Brunch review: Seagrill Bistro

Brunches around Dubai tend to offer customers every dish under the sun. We’re not complaining, but when a restaurant homes in on a particular cuisine, putting all its effort into creating quality dishes, that’s when you’ve found something special. Enter: Seagrill Bistro’s Friday brunch.

Before heading there, we’re told to expect more seafood than we could handle, and to bring our swimmers thanks to the inclusive pool and beach access at Fairmont The Palm (which we forgot...whoops). They weren’t kidding, so if you’re allergic, this may not be the best brunch for you. All good? You’re in for a Mediterranean foodie extravaganza. We’re first brought a selection of fresh bread to kick things off, although it’s a little odd that no butter is served, something which is quickly fixed by the always-attentive waiters, who were consistently topping up our glasses – no need to ask. Then it arrives, the grand platter of seafood brimming with huge prawns, mussels, crab and oysters, all kept fresh by being submerged in ice chips. It tastes just as good as it looks, and each shellfish is completely filling. Couple that with creamy burrata and a flavoursome beetroot salad, and we’re stuffed. But that’s just the starters. The highlight of the mains selection is the sea bass, no less. It’s not the biggest portion, but the emphasis is on quality over quantity here (and we’re too full anyway). After bopping along to the chilled beats of the live DJ , we’re eventually presented with the surprise hit of the brunch: the dessert. A hefty slice of what could be the fudgeiest chocolate cake we’ve ever tasted was served, and we wiped the plate clean thanks to its sweet, rich taste.

Serene skyline views, excellent dishes and a chilled-out ambience, Seagrill Bistro’s brunch has done the seafood scene in Dubai proud. And from AED345, it’s well worth the price.

Don’t miss
You could easily spend the whole day soaking up the sun at Fairmont The Palm’s swanky pool and beach, as the brunch price includes access to them both from 10am until 7pm. Sunblock is recommended. Soaking up the sun on the outdoor terrace is ace, but in case the blaring DJ tunes are getting in the way of conversation, we say head inside for quieter banter.

When: Friday, 12.30pm-4pm (from AED345)
Where: Fairmont The Palm, Palm Jumeirah
Email: palm.dining@fairmont.com
Contact: +971 4 457 3457